New Prince August 54mm Homecast Toy Soldiers Planned

Interesting new poses planned

Exciting news from Prince August e-newsletter is the range of new 54mm homecast toy soldiers to add to their existing successful homecast range

These are still in development and feedback is sought on heads and nations represented. The newsletter comes from or there is a comment form on their website.

Why not sign up for the newsletter which has details of promotions, discounts, sales and new moulds?

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 14 September 2019.

10 thoughts on “New Prince August 54mm Homecast Toy Soldiers Planned”

  1. Although I I don’t wargame in 54mm, I would betempted to buy these. Hopefully they won’t put too much detail on them; keep them simple like early Britain’s. I would definitely buy them if made at 40mm, along the lines of their “Brave Tin Soldier” figures.


    1. I think it is a brave decision for PA to keep going in 40 and 54mm as so much has switched to 15mm and 28mm or less.

      I have the Brave Tin Soldier mould, a really nice little figure.
      I wish they would develop an ACW range beyond their chess set.


  2. If they look as good after casting as they do on the picture – I’m tempted! Funnily enough I was thinking about Prince August stuff today, something that I haven’t been painting since I picked up 1:72 scale plastics back in 2012.


    1. Home casting is frustrating at times but fun – the Prince August starter sets are very reasonable. Give in …. you know you want to … lead free … lots of family friendly moulds. I cast outside in the garden on rain free days so somewhat limited at times.

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      1. Ahh, stop tempting me! I’ve only just today ordered a desk for my painting viz. inspired by your own painting arrangements!

        I’ve still got all my moulds and some spare metal all ready for when I do return.


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