Commandos versus Zombies

Missed this in time for Halloween …

The latest in the “… versus Zombies” franchise?

Commandos versus SS Zombies in the Snow.

Who could resist blurb like this?

“In the freezing woods of Norway, dead men leave footprints in the snow. Their SS uniforms are riddled with bullet holes, their hearts frozen solid, and their rotting flesh frostbitten.

What should have been a routine raid took a horrific turn for Commandos Leo Mantelow and Lionel Stone as they faced down something from out of a nightmare. But it’s hard to follow the book when you’re up against the living dead!”

I could and did resist buying this but liked the title.

There’s a weird World War Two scenario for my more battered and broken Airfix German figures that I had never thought of …

Commandos versus Zombies is still in the shops like W.H. Smith.

More about the comic and a few inside glimpses of this title written by a female comic book writer Georgia Standen Battle:

One for when all other slightly more sensible rules and scenarios are just not providing that gaming buzz?

Now, what would Donald Featherstone have done in his simple WW2 rules or his Wargaming Commando Operations for tackling Zombies?

Blog posted on 1st November 2019 by Mark Man of TIN. “I’m not scared …”

3 thoughts on “Commandos versus Zombies”

  1. You could transplant some skeleton heads on WW2 heads or just paint sickly flesh tones. Interestingly, in these stories, it is never the Allies who are the zombies, werewolves etc.

    As for rules, I suppose you would make them more resistant to being killed and not requiring morale tests. Zombies would be slow and stupid. In Warhammer rules they have low initiative so always strike last in close combat. If they can still shoot weapons I am going to assume they are very poor shots. presumably, they would not be good at reloading either.

    The other possibility is that they are ‘super soldiers’ resulting from experiments by evil Nazi scientists, in which case much of what I said about zombies might not apply.


    1. I like the idea of no morale tests – can you imagine Zombies with low morale and low motivation? Maybe a Zombie version of Mitchell and Webb’s “Hans Are we the baddies?” Sketch.
      Thanks for your rules ideas!
      I think a sickly paint job would do the trick on battered old figures if you were to develop this ludicrous scenario. I also like the Ghost Legios games by Death Zap! Blog Wargamin Pastor.


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