H.G. Wells’ Little Wars of The Worlds

Fire! Bows and Arrows Against the Lightning!

Interesting news on Little Wars Revisited forum that a new BBC adaptation of H.G. Wells’ War Of The Worlds was out this weekend,


with the following trailer:


Some snippets in the trailer of Edwardian / early WW1 troops in Khaki with artillery and a Gatling Gun!

Screenshots: BBC

I’m sure this will inspire the odd gaming scenario of War of The Worlds, a book written in 1898 by H G Wells, who was also the author of Little Wars (1913).

It inspired me to throw a few figures together, mostly metal but a few bits of plastic too. No expense spared. The same kind of historical accuracy shown apparently by the BBC.

Lance Corporal Jones greets a Tripod with cold steel – They Don’t Like it Up Em!

Appropriate to use Little Wars style 54mm figures?

This red coat photo of a younger Lance Corporal Jones was inspired by Timothy L. Rose’s mock up photograph on Little Wars Revisited:

The BBC trailer also reminded me of my old Airfix WW1 British Infantry and Artillery.

A few WW1 Airfix quickly thrown together …

I could have taken time to flock and sort bases, but I did this all in a bit of a hurry for the fun.

Lots more on War of the Worlds and H G Wells on this Wikipedia entry including the overlap with invasion literature https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_War_of_the_Worlds.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 21 November 2019

12 thoughts on “H.G. Wells’ Little Wars of The Worlds”

  1. I haven’t watched it on iplayer yet. Your photos,with 20mm and 54mm figures, are terrific. The Martian tripod is triumph of ingenuity, fantastic fun!


  2. I haven’t seen it yet except for previews that show a mix of WW1 era uniforms with 19th century weapons. I do intend to eventually do it in 1/32. I’ll aim for the original time period and idea first. Humans will need some concealment and surprise to sand a chance. I’d have Thunder Child make an appearance too.

    Then I would do one a little later with tanks and s on. there is a wargame book with rules and lists for this with ray resistant armour on tanks and so on.


    1. It sounds like a great 1:32 scenario. It’s what size Wells used 15 years later in Little Wars. As you say, this could be set in al out any period. The Wikipedia article mentions Tasmania as inspiration, there is a strong asymmetric Colonial feel to the whole book.


  3. Love the tripod!

    You should be aware that Peter Dennis and Helion Books (the Paperboys figures guys) are publishing a version of Little Wars next year with paper 54mm figures and firing guns – apparently with crumpled paper and a dab of glue as the ammo. The project and illustrations look great, and Dennis has posted some interesting pics on his Facebook site.


    1. This should be splendid – rumours are already circulating on the Little Wars Revisited forum. I trust there will be Tripods!
      The illustration of Little Wars looks splendid. It featured on Stuart Asquith’s memorial tribute board at his wake, as Stuart Asquith has been featured as the straw boater figure of the left.
      Good to have seen your AWI library game featured on the Paperboys Facebook website.


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