Man of TIN Blogvent Calendar Day 12: Soldiers of The Queen 1900

Soldiers of the Empress Queen – but only for another year as she died in 1901.

One of the pages in some original Boer War era magazines that I have.

Kipling-esque poem but not quite Kipling’s The Absent Minded Beggar or Hardy’s Drummer Hodge.


The Boer War is not widely Wargamed, partly due to the mobile nature of the conflict – mounted infantry, railways – and the long range rifle fire, as well as the static nature of sieges of Mafeking  and blockhouses.

I wonder if this era is not widely gamed partly because Britain lost the war but  it has some unpleasant elements such as Emily Hobhouse’s  campaigning / press exposure about the concentration camps for Boer Civilians?

There are some interesting challenges or lessons learnt the hard way for the military in the period shortly before the First World War.

There is an interesting Boer War gaming blog –

Blogvent posted by Mark Man of TIN, 12 December 2019