Royal Navy RNAS Culdrose Submarine Hunting Training Hex Grid Professional War Game

Some of my naval wargaming readers may be interested in this professional Wargames news story which I picked up through Twitter and on BBC local radio in the Southwest UK.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 19 December 2019

A few Twitter pics of hexes and the tactical board game instructions:


Some more photos and videos can be seen here:

Man of TIN Advert Calendar 2019 Day 19: a few more photos of some handmade wooden modern warships

A few more photographs of these beautiful handmade vintage wooden battleships and accompanying maker’s Naval service ephemera: a gift from the family earlier in the year. Still some minor repair work required.


Missiles, helicopter pad – obviously post WW2.


Documents (and photo?) belonging to AB Thomas E Owen – the maker?



1957 date stamp?



HMS Pembroke mentioned on the discharge document was the name given to a Royal Navy shore barracks at Chatham. It was commissioned in 1878, moved ashore in 1903 and was paid off in 1983. The buildings, designed by Sir Henry Pilkington, now house the Universities at Medway.

Blog posted on 19 December by Mark Man of TIN.