Man of TIN Blogvent Calendar Day 20: Bronte Sisters Power Up!


A lovely fake toy commercial from 1998. Watch at:

I was delighted to learn in early November this year that another of Charlotte’s little books was saved for Haworth, Yorkshire, the nation and the world.

Me and the tiny men at the Man of TIN blog did have a small whip-round and made a suitably tiny donation alongside hundreds of others to secure this tiny matchbox sized magazine back to its home, where it was handmade small enough for the Bronte toy soldiers to read.

My handmade Fimo polymer clay 54mm Angrian Flagbearer

Why are the Bronte sisters (and brother) interesting to gamers?

I have been following up ideas from the Bronte family ImagiNations for future gaming scenarios:

With powered up Bronte Sisters like these, and their mech transformation into the BronteSaurus I think they would make short work of the invading armies that threaten their ImagiNations.

Celia Rees’ modern fictional take on the tiny books The Glasstown Wars was also a memorable read this year.

2020 will feature more Bronte inspired war games and gaming scenarios. It is also the 200th bicentenary of the birth of the youngest Bronte sister Anne, the final act in the Bronte 200 celebrations.

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 20 December 2019 – only five sleeps till Christmas.


10 thoughts on “Man of TIN Blogvent Calendar Day 20: Bronte Sisters Power Up!”

  1. The fake advert is so well done , l will share it with my Bronte fan daughters. The 54mm Fimo fellow looks great. Was he hard to make ? I think 2020 would be a good time to renew my acquaintance with the Parsonage, after all l have friends in Skipton so l have no excuse. I am so pleased the wee book is saved for public display in such an appropriate place.


    1. He looks suitably rumpled as FIMO can sag a bit when it gets hand warm, so you need to pop it back in the fridge or build the figures in sections and bake as you go stage by stage. I drove a cocktail stick through the body and head for stability but it expanded in the baking and cracked the legs a bit. Pure experiment. Different from Milliput and Epoxy green stuff.
      FIMO is good for haversacks, back packs and bed rolls as you can shape it on a figure, remove it and bake it then attach and trim.
      The tiny Book should be back at Haworth from France early in the coming year.


  2. The Return of the Twelves was my introduction to adventuring and imagining with toy soldiers, rather than just playing with them. It will always be my favorite children’s novel. How wonderful that the Brontes’ imagination will have another airing at their own home.


    1. I thought very strongly of Return of the Twelves (that you introduced me to) when reading the story of trying to save the missing Tiny Bronte Book. It deserves to be back at Haworth where it was made.
      Have you read the recent Celia Rees ‘Glass Town Wars’ young adult fiction book?


  3. I enjoyed The Glass Town Wars (thanks for the recommendation) – it was rather clever. I studied Wuthering Heights at school and was intrigued by the Bronte’s tiny story books and imaginary lands after reading around the subject (Elizabeth Gaskell etc). I haven’t heard of Return of the Twelves but will look into it.


    1. The Return of the Twelves is the title of the book in the States. The title of the UK edition is The twelve and the genii; I thought I would mention this in case anyone is looking for a copy on the internet. Antonia Forest wrote a book about children who read of the Brontes’ Angrian and Gondal writings, and make up similar stories of their own. I must admit I have read the book, called Peter’s room, but she was a good writer.


      1. Rosemary
        Thanks for the reminder about the alternative UK name of the book. I think I must have a UK copy. Interesting, I have not come across Peter’s Room by Antonia Forrest but will track down a copy. It sounds worth reading.


  4. Mark & Rosemary – thanks for the update on the Antonia Forrest book! I’d only found it in the US but will have another go nearer home now.


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