Happy Christmas 2019 from Man of TIN

“Bright and Early on Christmas Morn …” A few pounds from the Works, this useful little wooden church with LED lights.

Many best wishes for Christmas and the New Year from Mark Man of TIN!

Thank you for another year’s blogging ‘company’ and comments from readers.

After a busy Blogvent Calendar of 24 days with many an old lurking draft polished up and published for your amusement, we will be back to the occasional posts after a busy few days of family gatherings.

So I have no plans for Twelve Days of Twixmas or Blogmas posts this year. There will inevitably be some posts of the ‘what I got for Christmas’ type. I very much enjoy reading these posts on other people’s blogs.

I’m looking forward to the samples of Jacklex figures for example: https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2019/11/08/a-jacklex-christmas-come-early/

At New Year, I will post my New Gaming Year’s Irresolutions of current and future projects for 2020. Ditto, I’m always curious and interested to read your blogs and comments about what you may (or may not) be up to in 2020 and beyond.

Last year I optimistically set out 2019’s possible Gaming and modelling plans, which were as reliable as the 2018 plans:



Invariably I got sidetracked onto other things, such as this year’s Vintage Airfix or Scouting Wide Games scenarios and figures. Keeps it all fresh. Who knows what 2020 will bring?

Whatever happens in 2020, thankfully we are all part of a supportive hobby and blogging community of a calming and creative hobby that is very positive for our mental health and wellbeing: https://www.modelsforheroes.co.uk

Repoussage or pressed aluminium sheet work to make a Man of TIN (or aluminium) decoration.

I hope you all have an enjoyable Christmas and New Year’s holiday with your families.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN on 25 December 2019.

14 thoughts on “Happy Christmas 2019 from Man of TIN”

  1. And to all who meet here on this fantastic blog, have a great time to enjoy the company of others, the opening of gifts and the planning of new hobby adventures.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is a great thing when conversations start amongst blog readers – a good community thing and I have found people are mostly respectful of each other’s opinions.
      Here’s to good gifts and interesting adventures for the coming year.


  2. Wishing a merry and peaceful Christmas to you and your’s Mark, looking forward to another year of reading your blog. Best wishes, Brian


  3. As always, very much enjoyed your posts from this year and I’m looking forward to all 2020’s offerings.

    Hope you’ve enjoyed the day so far. Best wishes for the holiday period and for the New Year too!


    1. Marvin
      I hope you have all had an excellent day, watched over by your Mistletoe & Christmas fusiliers and the Cracker battery, and that the Suburban Militarism house is now fuller of shiny plastic treasures to share over the next few months. Enjoy.
      Best wishes for the New Year!


  4. Merry Xmas! We celebrated yesterday at work with a Trenton 1776 game. Paper figures, the half-page Featherstone rules from 1963, a ceramic Christmas village and proxy sides (Patriots took the place of Hessians, and Loyalists the place of Washington’s army). I’m only sorry I forgot to take photos! But I hope to recreate it in the teen area later this week…

    Picked up two books by Charles Grant for myself – The Battle of Fontenoy, and his Napoleonic rules. Also discovered that the Hoopla app used by my library has Pen and Sword ebooks for checkout, including a couple on toy soldiers and wargaming – I just read John Lambshead’s One-Hour Skirmish Wargames (right up your alley – adjudication is even by cards rather than dice!) and am now working on Luigi Toiati’s history of toy soldiers.

    May you and yours have a happy holiday season and a wonderful year ahead.


    1. Merry Christmas to you and your household too!
      The Trenton game sounds fun and I hope that the rerun with teenage generals goes well.
      My local library has Bolinda Digital online free ebooks and audiobook borrowings with a slant towards fiction and oddly towards Australian military stuff in the history section. No gaming books though.
      Enjoy your Charles Grant books. I shall keep an eye out for the John Lambshead One hour Skirmish rules, likewise for the Luigi Toiati book which has been favouarbaly briefly reviewed in some recent gaming magazines.
      Here’s to a distracting and enjoyable 2020 gaming and blogging year ahead!

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