Native Stilt House


I picked up this curious little Asian stilt house today from a vintage shop. It is presumably a tourist souvenir from someone’s travels.

The roof removed and repaired

With the roof off, figures can be placed inside which extends its use with gaming figures.

32mm Poundland plastic figures converted to colonials

The roof could be reversed but it does look rather odd.


Generic Natives defend the stilt house
Boy Scouts from the STS Little Britons 42mm Range

A lucky find – not sure where in the world or which part of Asia it is from.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 24 January 2020

B.P.S. Blog Post Script

Further found jungle games buildings are these aquarium ornaments which I posted about back in 2017:

10 thoughts on “Native Stilt House”

  1. An excellent find and addition to your scenery. It will no doubt give good service to you and your games. It is fortunate that the roof comes off allowing it to be fully occupied. I look forward to seeing it in a game.

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    1. The roof was not designed to come off but with a little controlled gentle strategic forcing and a stout knife, it now does. With some superglue the roof is now back in one piece. Inside was very dusty.


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