To the Lighthouse: More Christmas Gaming Crafty Surprises


These were Christmas gifts, these “Made of Wood” craft products from a local craft store – in the varied shapes of a lighthouse, wooden pine trees and Christmas decoration houses.

The label suggests that they are made from a very fast growing timber called the Paulownia tree, widely farmed and forested in China / East Asia and now across America as the ‘new balsa’ because of its lightness and valued for its attractive grain.

A light green wash or woodstain should bring out best features of these toy like pine trees.

Airfix OO HO and Peter Laing 15mm WW2 troops for scale comparison.
Just one of the games scenarios that these wood block gifts suggest … Airfix commando raids

 There are some fantastic wooden buildings in this St Nazaire raid game that give an idea of how to make your own or use wooden buildings like these:

Some handy crafty pieces and ideas for future games.

Blog update from Lockdown April May 2020:

St. Nazaire raid inspiration went back a century or two – Lighthouse and houses now completed (April / May 2020) into part of a port for 15mm pirate raids.

Forest trees undercoated for Close Wars Forest Skirmishes

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 1 February 2020 / 15 May 2020 update.

6 thoughts on “To the Lighthouse: More Christmas Gaming Crafty Surprises”

  1. The Paulownia is a wonderful tree, which you can see in the UK – we have one growing opposite us and every spring it is covered in mauve flowers. They have enormous leaves. Didn’t know the wood was useful, though.


    1. I’m glad you still treasure this chess set! The joy of these wooden toys is making them your own. I must update this post with fresh links, as I have recently painted the trees for forest skirmish games. I have also now adapted these houses and lighthouse in a ‘shops closed / Lockdown’ moment into a small port of warehouses for quick pirate games – all good fun!


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