H G Wells 54mm Little Wars by Paperboys Peter Dennis now available


Already ordered my copy!


More resources at:


13 thoughts on “H G Wells 54mm Little Wars by Paperboys Peter Dennis now available”

  1. I really enjoyed press out castles and figures as a boy. Always felt a tad let down as they were only one sided printed. This looks a great book.


  2. There are more available on his website, including some lovely Germans (the book contains British and French). I’ve been building bases from his American Civil War book, just enough to run small games on a chessboard with the Perrys’ simple TravelBattle rules. The intent is to promote Black History Month with a “reenactment” of the Battle of Olustee, the only major battle in our state. The Union Army included several black regiments.
    I’ve been building and organizing the figures at work, and have gotten a number of questions and booktalks in with children and parents who asked about them.


      1. There was a Burdoo (totally unrelated!) in the 54th at Olustee. His uncle was a minuteman at Lexington-Concord. So I have a proprietary interest!

        One of my favorite folksongs, written by an anonymous member of the 54th, is Give Us a Flag. Another is the March of the 1st Arkansas Colored Infantry, also known as Sojourner’s Battle Hymn.


      2. This is a great thing, to be able to sing a song that one of your name relatives may have heard in the 54th. I often like to play a suitable soundtrack when painting figures of that period. I’m sure the music goes into the paint!


  3. This looks fantastic I’m very excited ordered my copy as well. I have done some of the smaller ECW figures from this range but this looks brilliant! I hope it includes scenery as well as as the tripods on the cover. Looking forward to seeing your figures when they are finished.


    1. I have been busy enough / distracted by other gaming projects not to have bought or cut out any of the series of Paperboys yet.
      I am however greatly looking forward to the 54mm Little Wars ones.
      First thing to do though is finishing the ‘Scouting Wide Games’ and ‘Snowball fight’ games rules sheets ready for the Woking 54mm Little Wars Revisited games day on March 14th 2020. I wonder if anyone will have got their Little Wars Paperboys in time and ready for this?


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