#FEMbruary 2020 Girl Scout Patrol Challenge completed on Leap Day

Daisy Patrol completed at last …

Crossposted by Mark Man of TIN 29th #FEMbruary 2020 – more photos of my finished #FEMbruary Girl Scout Patrol figure conversion  challenge here at:


Happy Leap Day 2020. How have you spent your extra Leap Day? 

8 thoughts on “#FEMbruary 2020 Girl Scout Patrol Challenge completed on Leap Day”

  1. ” How have you spent your extra Leap Day? ” Waiting for tomorrow so I can start spending next months toy allowance :0) It also puts me within a week of my half birthday :0)


    1. Well said. That monthly toy allowance feeling? I really should be that disciplined and organised.

      A half birthday is also good if you have like me a midwinter birthday, as you can celebrate it again in better weather. Works for the Queen, gawd bless ‘er!


      1. I thought when I hit 40 that I may have less birthdays to come than had gone. I tell my four middle age kids not to buy me anything for my half birthday because I take something out of their inheritance and spend it on myself :0) It also quarters the year nicely: Half birthday; Father’s Day; full birthday; Christmas Day.


  2. Mainly restoring broken vintage toy soldiers, making houses from breakfast biscuit boxes and listening to cricket on the radio. Not a bad use of the day I think.


  3. Nicely done. Like all good conversions they are ‘invisible’ and look like they always were better endowed young ladies! Fembruary, is a nice idea too. I missed that one. Have to wait until 2024, I ‘spose…


    1. James
      Thanks for your politely phrased comment on these young ladies.
      Thankfully the brilliant idea that is FEMbruary happens in Leap years and not Leap years, each February, so you don’t have to wait four years. Mark Man of TIN


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