Happy Mother’s Day – Time to Burn the Toast

Mother’s Day 2016 as drawn by me …

We usually celebrate Father’s Day on our blogs (proudly displaying a happy haul of hobby gifts). but what about Mother’s Day on our blogs?

Many must be pondering: What to do on a weekend where national advice is “don’t go to see your elderly mother on Mother’s Day to keep her safe” in these self isolation times?

I came across this drawing that I did of the traditional national “burning of the toast” and breakfast in bed, ready to be turned into a Mother’s Day Card for my late Mum back in about 2016. I must have taken a couple of photos of it before it was sent off.

Look after your Mums, if you’ve still got ’em!

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 22 March 2020

11 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day – Time to Burn the Toast”

    1. Tony I also meant to add that such anniversaries as Mothers day and birthday are are not easy when recently bereaved. Focussing on the happy memories such as this card is an important and good way to deal with such difficult feelings at such anniversaries. Best wishes Mark


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