A few penny saving tips

Left over tiling spacer Xs turned into barricades, glued onto square bases. Long Matchsticks

32mm Pound store conversion figures man the barricades & stop two suspicious customers (Fantastic Beasts figures, The  Works £1 each )

Barricades with smaller cocktail sticks for 15mm scrap ACW figures painted up as generic rebels.
I haven’t yet tried or make D-Day beach obstructions with the tile spacer Xs. 

Sparkler wires reusable for spears, pikes, flagpoles etc

A few penny saving, time saving tips using scrap materials.

Do you have any favourite money or time saving tips to share?

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 26 April 2020

6 thoughts on “A few penny saving tips”

  1. Splendid ideas, I too am most taken with the tile spacers. The very fine alpine grit from garden centres is really useful for small rocks for putting on figure base. Recently I was basing a 16th century marksman figure and I used bigger garden stones to make a scenic base with the figure hiding between them prior to firing. I still have a jar of old primary school sand table sand which I collected when it was being dumped. It has based many a figure over the years. There is a builders merchant/diy/ trade shop near me . They have a wonderful assortment of washers of all sizes and thickness at really cheap prices not to mention other interesting bits and bobs, well worth a look.. Finally scraps of cloth or felt make good cheap terrain .


    1. All excellent tips Alan. Clean children’s Sandpit sand is good fine stuff but lacks variety, good to mix in with flock though.
      I collect a small crisp packet sized freezer bag of sand from certain beaches that I occasionally visit then let it dry (ovens are good on very low heat or storage heaters) Devon in parts has red sand, some parts of Cornwall very fine micro gravel. Aquarium or alpine gravel is another good tip. Thanks.


  2. I very much like the idea of using readily available products to make other useful objects. I use cut up tile spacers to make horse legs for my cavalry, I also use shelf studs and paint tin clips to make gun carriages and I use lots of toothpicks in wagon building. It’s very satisfying to find a new use for existing items, like milk cartons for landing craft !!!!!!


    1. You are right Tony, Scrap modelling is a curious pleasure, which could nowadays be called wellbeing, mindfulness, all the Models for Heroes therapeutic benefits.
      You have to keep your bits box well stuffed and sorted.
      I will try to send a picture of my Landing craft (carton) off to Kirstie Allsopp’s craft programme website thing via Facebook – celebrate some boycraft or mancraft!


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