The Joy of Pound Store Play Sets

200 grey or green 2cm plastic soldiers, two tanks, three armed jeeps, a couple of flags, play mat and an aircraft all for £5. Felt river not included!

Cross-posted by Mark Man of TIN from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors sister blog on budget wargaming.

Six types of grey or green 2cm figures included – a few poses that you might recognise!

Two ‘cute’ little light tanks or tankettes included, of indeterminate make or nation.

Enough here for a scratch skirmish WW2 / postwar / ImagiNations game and only a fiver!

11 thoughts on “The Joy of Pound Store Play Sets”

  1. They are not the best copies of Airfix but I do like the Airfix Americans and better copies. My favorites are the American with rifle across his chest as he runs and the officer running with pistol. That is because they are good material for conversions into later half of 19th century soldiers. I made some into late 19th century and early 20th century Turks and Americans

    I’m not sure about the tanks. They look vaguely like small Tigers, but yes, they are tankette sized. They can have the cannons replaced with machineguns. It would be fun to paint them up in a fictitious paint scheme.
    I like the Stealth bomber even though it is a smaller scale.


    1. Thanks James as ever for some inspiring and imaginative conversion ideas. The joy of 200 soldiers plus vehicles for £5 is that I can experiment making several skirmish forces out of these for different periods and ImagiNations. (In Featherstone’s Close Wars appendix rules, a skirmish force is around 25 each side.) I can potentially lavish another £5 if needed if I run out, if only to acquire more tankettes etc.
      I quite like the historical inaccuracy of a cheap plastic playset tank.


    1. Hello Pete. Thanks I can now see the Chaffee chassis here, it’s the blocky turret that looks out of place, almost a chunky KV style Soviet turret with British Churchill square blockiness, though the petite chassis makes the blocky turret look huge. A Churchill looks both more elegant and workmanlike at the same time in comparison.
      Chaffee meets Churchill love child – Chaffhill? Churchee? Chaffchill? Churfee?

      I can see a new card game of Hobarts Funnies for Imaginary or evolutionary tank fans – Turret / Chassis / Gun – like those three part animal consequences ones of head / middle / tail with part names written on to be randomly jumbled up such as

      COW or The Bovington Tank Museum can have that idea for free!

      As James suggested, if I acquire any more, conversions to an early war / interbellum machine gun turret would make sense. It makes you want to go off and start randomly mixing tank turrets and chassis and guns, but maybe reversably on cheaper Zvezda 1/100 snap together kits than fiddly proper historic Airfix …


  2. You’d think it would be easier for them to copy a tank rather than come up with a hybrid. Perhaps they just don’t want it to be pinned down. You have got your money’s worth there indeed. Perhaps some alfresco gaming over the summer might suit the vehicles and figures too, especially if they were mounted on 1ps for stability.


    1. Re the tank – I can’t decide if it is some (lack of) effort and thought or the opposite that appears to have gone on into mixing moulds to make this charming hybrid.
      Mounted up on pennies, washers or square MDF craft scrabble letters, these troops should agreeably help pass the summer.
      If they came in a tin or tub, they would be almost the perfect desert island castaway set of Wargames plastic disposable tat.

      Now there’s an August blogpost for the future when holidays begin again – the travel battle hobby survival set and postcard rules in a tin.
      I usually take a fisherman’s fly / hook plastic box of emergency Airfix or Pound Store figures, mini ruler and dice on holiday in case ideas pop up or it rains a lot on British seaside holidays. DIY Travel Battle! I can remember spending a long long time packing and repacking as a child trying to choose the right tiny selection of toys and books and pencils to take in a miniature suitcase that I had to carry to survive one to two week wet 1970s seaside holidays by train. You had to avoid anything too favourite or precious, knowing you had to prepare to lose things travelling and in unfamiliar houses and environments. This plastic play set would have done the trick.


  3. Bargain! I’ve fought a few Portable Wargames with some of these.
    As Alan says, they’re perfect for the Great Outdoors too.


    1. Bargain indeed! From childhood experience with Airfix soldiers at 2cm tall, their chances of all surviving al fresco garden warfare and not becoming the lost patrol or RLS’ Dumb Soldier are pretty minimal. They do larger size more colourful cheap plastic figure playsets for those that worry about such things.


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