Happy Birthday NHS 72 Years Old

Thanks to all the amazing NHS staff on the 72nd birthday of an amazing organisation, the National Health Service, and a great idea.

I shall be out on the doorstep with family at 5pm on Sunday 5th July 2020 to join the national NHS Birthday clap, the last thank you clap of the 2020 Coronavirus epidemic.

To celebrate the NHS’ Birthday I have tracked down a few of my tiny medical figures.

These figures are from left to right:

54mm hollowcast lead Crescent Nurse and Britain’s seated aged female villager No. 556 (1919- postwar, oddly repainted by somebody sometime.)

Playmobil nurse – she was given to me as a good luck charm by friends when I was undergoing a serious operation by the NHS about ten years ago.

Smaller scale 46mm lead hollowcast WW1 looking nurse (as arrived with serious damage) Britain’s 1905-35 set 137 The Army Medical Service (54mm)

54mm plastic nurse from the Britain’s Super Deetail 1983 short lived Hospital range.

Limited edition 54mm pre-painted Corgi Forward March range Florence Nightingale

Not forgetting the Nightingale Hospital lady Florence herself and Mary Seacole from previous FEMbruary blogposts



Not all of my medical figures are accessible for the photograph, and one of the lead pre-war Johilco nurse figures needs some radical repair to replace a head in the next few weeks.

Another figure worthy of repair. Prewar issue Johilco nurse.

Happy Birthday NHS and thanks to all their staff, past and present.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN (or late 1960s NHS baby of TIN?), 5 July 2020

B.P.S Blog Post Script

As an NHS baby myself, I wondered who the first NHS baby was born on 5th July 1948? Named after the Minister of Health Aneurin Bevan, the answer is Aneira Thomas, who along with her sisters, went to work as an NHS nurse herself. Happy birthday Aneira!

“I feel passionate about the preservation of this fantastic service, which provides support from the cradle to the grave, for every person in Great Britain. It means equality for all. As Aneurin Bevan said, ‘The National Health Service will stay as long as there are folk to fight for it.’ The NHS is our jewel in the crown, and it’s our duty to not let it slip away.”

Aneira Thomas, 2017

BBC News Interview https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/health-44663249/nhs-at-70-aneira-thomas-the-first-nhs-baby

Here is a link to an interview blog piece from 2017:



6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday NHS 72 Years Old”

  1. A great post reminding us of something truly worth celebrating. Like many of you my family has much to be grateful for in terms of the care given to members of it by the NHS. Caring individuals who made such a difference with their knowledge, professionalism and time, much more besides …
    Happy birthday indeed!


  2. Splendid post and as an NHS employee I heartily agree and great to see it recognised! Our Trust’s chief executive reminded us of this birthday in a circular which might otherwise have been quite forgotten with all that’s going on (we’re back in lockdown here in Leicester).


  3. Living in the US and being innumerate I have no clue how, or even if, my last hospital stay was paid for. I remember an entire day during my first week at my first job was spent on how to use our medical benefits and it quite literally went in one ear and out the other!

    Somewhere in my family albums is a photo of my hospital bill at birth (two months in an incubator plus two major operations). It’s about four feet long, judging from the year-old cat sitting next to it!

    I hope the NHS weathers the twin storms of Covid and Brexit and wins through; it’s needed more than ever. You’re lucky to have it. A very lovely tribute.


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