Spla-fiti and Skateboarders WIP

It’s a long time since I fell off a skateboard.

Blue Crue paint it pink – how very gender neutral.

This Spray-Fiti game (very much WIP or Work In Progress) developed out of my Spl-Attack boardgame gridded wargame / chessboard version of Nintendo’s Splatoon video game.

If Spla-fiti has a video game ancestor, this would be Subway Surfers, see the game trailer at https://youtu.be/tYysQOHTimo

It is another exploration of my interest in non-lethal ‘war’ games.

The Aim

** youth skateboard graffiti stereotype alert **

Here the game aim is to cover as much of the city walls with your own side’s graffiti art as you can, avoiding capture by the City Police and overspraying and replacing the graffiti of the rival skate crew where possible.

The Police and the Council Cleaners turn up after 2 x d6 turns to try and restore law and order, clean up the streets etc.

A range of player options – two skateboard crews versus each other

or one skate crew versus 1 police unit and / or council clean up unit.

Or two skateboard crews versus the city police and city council unit.

Victory Conditions? – At the end of so many turns (e.g. throw 2 or 3 d6) count up how many grafitti panels in your colour you have sprayed.

If you are the Council clean up team, you might have taken down and cleaned up more graffiti than the skate gangs sprayed or oversprayed.

WIP Rules Spla-fiti 1.0

You can MOVE one figure in a turn or you can SPRAY a wall in a turn but cannot do both.


Council staff and Police on foot are slower (moving two squares each turn) than skaters on boards (moving four squares).

Jumping up obstacles costs half the move.

Note: Adjust the following distances as you see fit.

Spraying a wall panel takes one turn (attach graffiti panel in your crew colour).

Respraying the other crew’s work takes one turn – change their graffiti panel for one of yours. Keep theirs in your base pile.

The Council repainting the wall also takes one turn. Council players – remove the grafitti panel and keep it.

You have limited or unlimited spray cans as you see fit (the Spla-fiti equivalent of ammunition). I have not added cans to the skaters’ hands yet.


There is no melee fighting phase. If you choose to crash into another skater and knock them out of a game, a d6 dice throw of 1 knocks out another skater and yourself. However savings throws are thrown for both you and the other skater. Less than 6 knocks out the skater or yourself. 6 is unhurt.

You can decide for how long you or the other skater are out of the game until you respawn at home base.

Green Teem” make the city streets uncleen with their grafitti tagging – easy!

I didn’t have a big enough chessboard for it to work with 54mm skater figures and their cardboard city buildings so I drew up two cardboard grey city street grids with squares the same size as my chessboard.

To get that rundown urban feel, I made some simple city retail or industrial buildings out of biscuit boxes turned inside out to get the cardboard side. I improvised some downtown urban clutter and street furniture.

Did they not read the NO SKATEBOARD sign? DF62 Crew / Green Teem’s HQ and Blue Crue on the improvised skate ramp.
Spray-fiti including HGW LW 13? AG DT?

The City Council clean up, removing spray-fiti and repainting the city walls.


Here you can see the magnetic strip by which the spray-fiti or graffiti panels are attached.

I tried the self adhesive magnet strips inside the card buildings to keep outer walls clean but it did not work so well as direct contact with the graffiti panels which have a small square of magnet strip on the back.


Council Teams clean up the city walls. These are represented by flamethrower figures, repurposed to repaint the city walls.

The police officers are there to catch the skater grafitti artists. They can arrest skaters (if you can catch them) and take them individually away back to an off board jail square (or you can add a set-to-stun “Tazer” option.)

I have yet to add in programmed random NPC (non player character) city types to get in the way (from model railway civilians etc) – a chance to add in my hollow-cast lead tramp figure as a hobo etc.

DF62 Crew? The initials of other famous war gamers and games bloggers are here too!

Before anyone mentions it …

Keith Haring and other graffiti artists like Banksy might classify as Art.

I’m not endorsing spray-painting, graffiti art and tagging, much of the time in the wrong place it just looks ugly.

I did smile at the chalked-up message on the passageway walls into Shepherds Market in London when the Tradition of London toy soldier shop was still there. It simply said in big chalk letters – Cheer Up! It made others walking past smile reading it too.

However much I dislike graffiti in the wrong place, I enjoyed doing the mini graffiti panels. Some were based on examples I found online. In others, there are a few wargamers’ names or initials amongst ones for family and friends here “Tagged in This Photo”. Particularly proud of DF62 and PL15!

Sk8r figures are by AJ’s Toy Boarders – all sold out and now hard to find. I picked up a green and blue pack years ago online, along with their surfer dudes which I found second hand. You may now find them in set 1 and 2 together in tubs at Vat19 in the USA who ship reasonably cheaply to the UK:


All 8 of the different skateboard move poses are shown here, as listed on the card header. Pushing, Nosegrab, Smith, Cruising 1 and Cruising 2, Manual, Tailgrab and Ollie. Sounds like weird gang names.

“Charlie don’t surf …”

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN July 2020

B.P.S. Blog Post Script

All Sk8r Boys? Sorry Avril Lavigne, sadly there was no skater girl in set 1, she was in set 2 which I couldn’t find for sale online.

Set 2 Skaters which I don’t have …

If I don’t buy more skaters from VAT19, I might be able to improvise one or two female skateboarders from 54mm model railway civilians on coffee stirrer boards (with cocktail stick wheels?)

Some of the model railway figure sets by Noch and Preiser have roller skaters, inline skaters and skateboarders in HO OO for tiny city scapes.

For a few clues on colours and “uniform painting”, you can now check out the slightly dated ‘skate punk’ music videos by Avril Lavigne such as Sk8r Boi from the early 2000s: https://youtu.be/TIy3n2b7V9k


14 thoughts on “Spla-fiti and Skateboarders WIP”

  1. Really interesting idea. I like the look of your buildings and the mini urban world you have created. The skaters go well with the background and the graffiti is great fun. I think this would go down a storm in a library, school or non gaming environment. Splendid idea, well done. I am trying not to imagine something similar with propaganda posters being put up by rival parties…
    Could work well as a historical gaming experience but with some fisty cuffs allowed but that is a whole other ballgame but one that might work well in a history classroom as an introduction to a period or immersive experience in it.


    1. The political posters idea is brilliant for VBCW, tearing down or overcasting your rivals posters. Fisticuffs and factions, Mosley, Cable Street etc.

      The suffragettes would be one such faction, on roller skates. Ice Rinking and roller skating were also contemporary fads at the time of the suffragettes, along with suffrajitzu (martial arts) for resisting arrest. Edwardian police in pursuit. Keystone cops, cops and robbers style chases. Antisuffragists tearing down posters. Votes for Women! I’m sure that is what Tony Kitchen’s new mystery lady is all about …
      Might have to hack some figures around to put roller skates on them. Police on roller skates, Fatty Arbuckle, Winston Churchill as Home Secretary, Siege of Sydney street, suffragettes burning out pillar boxes … a little like some of the (anti) suffragette board games in Robert Opie’s Edwardian Scrapbook.

      By the way, if you look carefully, you might spot yourself graffitied on a wall.


  2. I remember seeing these skateboarders when they came out and thinking ”but what would you do with them?”. Well now I know!


  3. I have yet to find a use for the surfer figures.
    Now thanks to Alan Tradgradland Gruber comment of political postering instead of graffiti, I am thinking “where do I get inexpensive suffragette figures on roller skates from … surely somebody must make them in a suitable scale or size?”


  4. That is a brilliant little game- am tempted to make a set- my nephews would love to play it…. might save it for the later winter months when going out is less appealling….




    1. You could play this outside on the paving slabs, you could play this in the ‘hood. You could play this down the skate park. You could play this anywhere. All you need is some brake dancing pieces of cardboard for terrain with a chessboard grid on them and you’re away!
      The Vat 19 stocks of skater tubs should be back in next week and the US shipping to U.K. is not too bad for once.
      Let me know on your blog of any rule changes you make and I can put a link on the blogpost.
      Put the Skate Punk Anthems (radio edit!) playlist loud for free on Muzi or Spotify. And just push off and cruise along …

      Now working on cardboard Peter Dennis style Paper Boys 54mm Edwardian rollerskating suffragettes (as oddly no one seems to make these in any scale or material) and burly comic postcard policemen for the Suffra-graffiti suffrajitzu spin off. 🙂 Not sure of the Spotify playlist for this one …

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for reading. How JetSetRadio managed to travel twenty years into the future, steal my cardboard ideas and return back in time to 2000 or make a video game out of them is simply beyond my comprehension. 🙂


  5. I am ridiculously late to comment, but thank you, Mark, for this fresh breath of air. I hadn’t encountered those little ‘boarders, but now that I have, I’m determined to create a set-up of my own, and perhaps add a few bells and whistles. Wonderful work! Thank you!


    1. Great stuff – I left a comment on your blog post. I look forward to seeing what you do with these ideas and skater figures. Have fun!

      Both the skater boys and the suffragette roller skaters are calling me …


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