On the cutting and painting table – Paper Girls and Poster Girls

Peter Dennis inspired figures left and right, centre Pankasquith Suffragette game piece inspired.

Adapting a figure outline for scale and size from Peter Dennis’ fabulous Paper Boys Little Wars 54mm – roller skating, bill sticking, fly posting suffragettes and suffragists.

These are intended for my Edwardian Suffragette version of Close Little Skate Wars / Skateboarder graffiti battles. https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2020/07/08/spla-fiti-and-skateboarders-wip/

I now realise how tricky these figures are to match both sides and how clever Peter Dennis is!

Colouring up, trimming and basing next.

Next stop Edwardian Comic Postcard policemen, Ruffians and Roughs and biscuit box streets …

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 15 July 2020

6 thoughts on “On the cutting and painting table – Paper Girls and Poster Girls”

    1. They are a bit rough and ready (proof of concept). I took the outline size and scale from one of Peter Dennis’ civilian ladies in 54mm. They have painted and coloured up well so far – WIP. More WIP pictures to follow probably tomorrow …


  1. Great extension of the graffiti game. I really like the drawings and look forward to the game. Tempted to have a wee go at 1930s folk to do a similar job for the vbcw…


    1. VBCW? There are some already great ruffians in the civilian page of Peter Dennis Little Wars – I have no printer or photocopier access / facility at the moment so I went back to draw and cut basics.
      The Virtual Armchair General does 54mm period signs pdfs for Funny Little Wars as well as buildings etc.


    1. Have a go – Good luck!
      With no printer or scanner access at home, I thought it quicker than converting plastic figures or buying metal.
      I used a Peter Dennis 54mm shape outline for scale and size, then added my own details. Next step Edwardian comic postcard policemen and ruffians!


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