Big Bad Al or Heap Good Al? You decide.

Howdy! The Fabulous Flying Gruber Brothers needed a leader of their Gang, so they kept it in the family.

Meet Al – some say Big Bad Al, some say Heap Good Al.

Some say that he is the Father of the Gruber boys, others that he is their Cousin, Uncle or Older Brother. Some wisely choose not to say anything.

Some say that Al may in fact be Twins, just never seen together in the same place.

Those that have opinions on the matter and keep their mouths closed generally live longer lives out on these Wilde frontiers and borders and may even get to die in bed of old age.

In the wilds of the Wyrd Wilde West, anything could be a fact or true.

Timpo Bank and Timpo unpainted cowboy reunited … love those bright Timpo colours.

Big Bad Al or Heap Good Al? It depends who’s asking and who’s paying.

Whether they are protecting the Bank with their firepower or relieving it of some of that tiresome shiny metal, it’s a matter of opinion – it all depends on who is asking and who is paying (usually the most but they like to pick and choose their work).

The Gruber Family Door Knocker …

The Fabulous Flying Gruber Brothers Abe, Zeke and Frank can be seen here in their repaired state:

The Armies in Plastic figures Rogers Ranger’s kindly gifted to me by Alan Tradgardland Gruber are seen here after unpacking. They are now painted or repainted, gloss varnished and awaiting final shiny metal work before they set off to explore my mighty fine Bold Frontiers forest trees.

A wider, more historically accurate and more diverse range of cowboys can be seen here from my blog post in 2019:

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 29/30 July 2020.


5 thoughts on “Big Bad Al or Heap Good Al? You decide.”

    1. They are / were great. I think we had that one once and the Gaol.
      They sell for quite a lot of money now online but damaged or incomplete ones go for less, so this bank has no back door etc. Easily repaired. I also have a Timpo Stable Barn in “kit form” so I can put it back together but will also trace the outline dimensions to make another one or two more in card possibly.

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  1. The Grubers look even greater with such a backdrop in the form of the building. I look forward to to seeing it and them in a game soon.

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  2. Timpo western towns are now like gold dust ‘in them far hills’ so what I have been buying up is the Playmobil western town which you can get cheap when kids grow out of them.
    Playmobil is slightly bigger of course for 1\32, however with a bit of discrete conversion etc it looks quite good. Also those large Victorian mansions you find with those furry Sylvanian families blend in well with the town. And you can open them up so you have three in a line as a part of street Scape.
    I bought these cheap also, you can get them at car boot sales for a couple of quid! However you need a bit of room! Which unfortunately I am running out of!
    If you want to do the siege of Richmond or other battles in the ACW it’s ideal. Or use the buildings for the Franco Prussian war etc. Or your own fantasy H G Wells battles.

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    1. Martin
      Thanks for your brilliant budget building suggestions. I didn’t know you could half open some of these up to make a street scene. Clever design.

      When a Playmobil cavalry Wild West fort (from younger members of the family) went west, I was a little disappointed. Why did they not ask me? I did manage to acquire the reissued Britain’s Deetail ‘chocolate finger’ log plastic Fort and recently the Tiger Toys Fort in place of my long lost wooden plyboard childhood cavalry Fort. I saw an interesting small Sylvanian treehouse in a flea market last year but it went to a child before I could get it. As you say, storage …
      I have embargoed in the Christmas cupboard a jigsaw job lot box of Timpo cowboy buildings spare parts to rebuild.
      The Joy of the H G Wells Little Wars ImagiNations is the wide range of buildings you can use. Hmm. Storage …

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