Garage Gleanings Plastic Figure Rapid Repairs

Some of Gruber’s Garage Gleanings …

Mixed in amongst Alan Tradgardland Gruber’s kind postal gift of AIP plastic 54mm Rogers Rangers and Woodland Indians were some random figures including some in jigsaw form that Alan included, knowing that I like a figure repair challenge.

Some wonderfully odd over-painting and broken figures to repair. Cowboys missing arms, Prussian missing bases and bayonets, horses without legs and hooves,

My repairs are usually stout ones, functional rather than fine military modelling, in order to bring these battered warriors back into Little Wars tabletop or garden gameable condition.

I use fine wire, superglue, cocktail sticks and masking tape to fix or rebuild missing or broken parts. We have a household allergy to Milliput / Green stuff so fine sculpted carve-able repair is not an option indoors.

Bizarre 60mm Cherilea Indian brave with weapons rebuilt to join my oversize 60mm warband.

Smaller scale cowboy on horse with no legs on the repair desk …

Horse legs roughly repaired, just a little trimming and smoothing required …

Some figures were in multiple fragile pieces like this lovely old Swoppet Indian, still with separate necklace and knife belt attached. After careful repair, he still swivels at waist and head.

Swoppet Indian and Cherilea cowboy in pieces.

Reassembled Swoppet Indian meets clubbing Herald cowboy

Some other smaller cloned cowboys go clubbing with the reassembled smaller Cherilea Cowboy.

A few of the revolvers need a little further trimming and work, but you get the idea.

Converted ACW Confederate Artillery Man with arms or hands repaired.

The Plastic Napoleon had two hoofs or lower leg parts missing on his horse. He has now been rebased with two new sturdy hooves and lower legs.

This charging Timpo Prussian pose was a childhood favourite. Now rebased and bayonet restored.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 2 August 2020.