Support the Tank Museum – Wooden Tank Models

WW1 mark IV and Churchill Tank with two of my 54mm hollowcast figures for scale.

I notice on the Tank Museum webshop some intriguing wooden tank model kits used in their half term “make and take” activities – a WW1 British Tank (Mark IV) and a WW2 Churchill tank.

I had no real idea from the website of their size but I thought they looked jolly robust, so ordered them in support of the Tank Museum.

Like many museums, galleries and charities, it has a had a tough year of restricted income. It has an incredible collection to support and with its tanks and ‘tanker’ stories is an active part of our national Remembrance.

Two of my 54mm Johilco hollowcast lead WW1 infantry for scale

Tempatation: Comes with 10% offer leaflet for sales between Christmas between Christmas and the 31 January 2020.

Quickly assembling them (they have easy dowel construction) to check scale and size, they seem to suit 54mm – 60 mm figures. They are remarkably only £6 each (plus postage).

Compared to the time, effort and skill required to make these in a workshop at home that I don’t have with tools I don’t have, these seem a very good deal to me. A fun kind of charitable giving!

As they arrived packed and wrapped …

Please note: Last postage dates from the Museum guaranteed in time for Christmas delivery are soon in the next three or four days.

Now these wooden tanks are going back into the family present cupboard for Christmas or a future birthday gift for me.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 11 December 2020


9 thoughts on “Support the Tank Museum – Wooden Tank Models”

  1. I have ordered one of each, thanks so much for mentioning this. Idea al fresco and indoors. I am not at all handy with wood but I do wonder if I might try and have a go at adding to these with some scraps of wood supplemented by balsa…


  2. I hadn’t noticed how ambiguous my comment was! I meant making other tanks,tankettes or armoured cars out of wood. I hadn’t thought of detailing but that is very interesting too.

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  3. I do have a workshop and the tools but having made various toys for the grand children I can tell you making these tanks would take many hours. And at only £6 they are an absolute bargain and they look so good.

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  4. Thank you for making me aware of these models. I always wanted to visit this museum but never found time on return visits to the UK. My godson/cousin in London is fascinated with WW1 so I ordered two WW1 tanks for him which he and his father can enjoy assembling.

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