No Mixed Bathing (FEMbruary 2021)

Crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog – a wash and brush up for the new 54mm BMC Plastic Army Women figures, prior to the FEMbruary believable female figure painting challenge (started by Alex at Lead Balloony)

As FEMbruary back up, I also have some lovely Bad Squiddo WW2 Pigeoneers.

Not too late to join in … grab a female figures and join in!

Crossposted by Mark Man of TIN, 1 February 2021

3 thoughts on “No Mixed Bathing (FEMbruary 2021)”

    1. FEMBruary is quietly growing each year. Lots of fantasy RPG as well as historical figures. Not too late to start, finishes about March 6th – no prizes, just fun.
      Annie Norman’s Bad Squiddo figures are perfect for this. I did try to get the Brontes into her new mini suggestions list for historical Miniatures in Baggy’s Cave: The Bad Squiddo Facebook Group but someone rumbled the “ImagiNations” Military bit …

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