FEMBruary female figure painting challenge, 54mm BMC Plastic Army Women figures and Morecambe And Wise’s The Magnificent Two

54mm BMC Plastic Army Women figures as the Women’s Revolutionary Army of Parazuellia

My final entry for the FEMBruary female figure painting challenge are these fine new plastic 54mm BMC Plastic Army Women figures. They reminded me of the Revolutionary female figures in a favourite Morecambe and Wise film from childhood, The Magnificent Two (1967).

Isobel Black in The Magnificent Two

Read more from these two posts from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog:

Gloss shiny toy soldier paint and varnish finish for these figures


Blog cross-posted by Mark Man of TIN, 5 March 2021

5 thoughts on “FEMBruary female figure painting challenge, 54mm BMC Plastic Army Women figures and Morecambe And Wise’s The Magnificent Two”

  1. Hi Mark, on a separate yet related subject, I picked up a box of toy soldiers which included some 65mm figures, dreadful toys, but some of the figures had out of scale female heads with beret and ponytail. Fixed them to some 54mm Airfix US Marines and painted them up as Israeli Signals. I will post something up for you to view. By the way, nice job on those BCM figures.


    1. Ingenious. I look forward to seeing them. Israeli IDF women troops are well known, and there are whole Pinterest boards devoted to the more photogenic members of the Women’s IDF and other female soldiers elsewhere.


  2. You’ve done an A1 job on these, Mark. Colours are great too – skin tone and shades of uniforms. They look straight out of a classic Britains set!


    1. Thanks. That is just the style or look I wanted, although tidy Britain’s in the past would not like the randomness of Revolutionary ragbag costume.
      Nice to try some darker skin tones. I have tried copper faces in the past, a trick used by hollow-cast figures for tanned, African American or American Indian skin tones but it doesn’t always work well.
      Britain’s had an interesting tidy idea for Non traditional or irregular troop uniforms for tribesmen, Indians, Arabs, Zulus, cowboys by painting usually a “randomised regular” varied three colour approach such as loincloths, robes or cowboy shirts in either “red, yellow or blue” or “green, red or blue” etc. It works well.


      1. That’s a really good idea for irregulars painting. I often see myself paralysed with indecision for choosing individual colour schemes so a planned randomness would be a good solution.

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