Hing Fat 54mm Plastic WW2 Russian Infantry samples painted

Shiny toy soldier style painted Hing Fat 54mm Russians on the painting table awaiting the gloss varnish of victory …

Crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors blog – some more interesting Hing Fat 54mm plastic sample figures gifted to me by Peter Evans. (Thanks Peter.)

More photographs and the full range shown at:


Peter currently sells these ‘Made in China’ Hing Fat figures through his eBay seller site figsculpt https://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/figsculpt

Size comparison with my repaired childhood Airfix 1:32 (2021, currently unavailable)

Previously on Hing Fat samples posts: WW2 French

Next sample trio: probably WW2 Italians?

Meanwhile on a tinier Russian Front …

What, no Soviet women in these 54mm figures? Annie Norman of Bad Squiddo Games is producing a new range of 28mm Soviet women of WW2 on Kickstarter and then via her web shop. I don’t collect or play with 28mm figures at the moment but I have bought several vignette packs of her interesting female figures like her Land Girls. https://badsquiddogames.com

Blog Crossposted by Mark Man of TIN 15 April 2021

6 thoughts on “Hing Fat 54mm Plastic WW2 Russian Infantry samples painted”

  1. These have painted up very nicely Mark. They look the part and fit in fine with Airfix. Looking forward to seeing more and perhaps a game too…


  2. Some nice work there Mark. At least one of those figures looks like an Airfix Russian, so they will certainly augment any Airfix Russian collection. I’ve got about twenty painted with another fifteen to complete but some overcoat additions would be nice. I plan to use the collection against my German WW2 and also my Zubrowkan ImagiNation (Grand Budapest Hotel) army.


    1. I Hope it doesn’t confuse people but I put familiar 1:32 Airfix Russians alongside the Hing Vat figures for scale comparison, so these are not copies or pirate copies (which i think Hing Fat did in the past, like many Hong Kong /China firms?) I think the two sets of figures work well enough. I also have some 1:32 Atlantic Russians which I painted as a child too (somewhere).


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