Some Found Terrain and a few more 15mm Peter Laing figures

What do you see when you look at this polystyrene packaging?

Some may look at this as unrecyclable junk.

I look at it and see …

a doorway,

high walls,

an adobe fort or compound, especially for tiny troops like my 15mm Peter Laing figures.

What do you see or would you make out of it?

Obviously some kind of walkway needs to be improvised inside around the high walls as a firing platform or raised walkway. This could easily be done with lolly sticks or coffee stirrers laid onto matchsticks or cocktail sticks projecting out of the walls, much in the style of the Airfix Foreign Legion Fort.

Similarly doors and repairs to the wall dips and ‘damage’ can be improvised with coffee stirrers and card.

A rough coat of acrylic off-white for the walls and a sandy base colour should not harm the polystyrene (some glues, sprays and paints can melt it).

One project for a rainy day when hands need to be kept busy.

Some 15mm Peter Laing figures for scale…

Around the time this arrived in the house (the family are now well trained to show me interesting packaging before it reaches the bin or recycling), I also bought a handful of Peter Laing 15mm figures from an online dealer. I spotted these Laings amongst several more lots of “Wild West Infantry” figures and cavalry that were confusingly labelled as (but definitely not) by Laing. Nice enough figures but not Laing ones.

For a few pounds I bought ten settlers or backwoodsmen and rarer still, what I take to be a pair of Peter Laing female settlers. They were all curiously mounted individually on metal squares. Even if they are not Laing females, they are a good enough match.

These are in Peter Laing catalogue terms,

probably F3006 Female Settler

And from the Peter Laing American War of Independence Range:

F321 Rifleman hunting shirt standing

F322 Rifleman hunting shirt firing

Sadly now Peter Laing figures (the original or first 15mm figures, launched almost fifty years ago in autumn 1972) are long out of production and the moulds vanished, so second hand or recasting is the only way to acquire them.

I have been collecting Peter Laing figures since about 1982 as a teenager when I began my first proper (i.e. metal) wargames army, spending pocket money and paper round earnings on his English Civil War range. He was a efficient and friendly chap to deal with, even with my tiny schoolboy orders. I still have and use these figures today.

Peter Laing figures have a small and loyal following, with a dedicated MeWe online group run by Ian Dury which has replaced the former Google+ community pages. Here we post pictures of our Laing figures and games, as well as highlighting any second hand Laing figures for sale online that we come across. All welcome!

Established 2019 the Peter Laing MeWe page

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 29/30 April 2021

4 thoughts on “Some Found Terrain and a few more 15mm Peter Laing figures”

  1. I do like the backwoods men a female settlers, great addition for narrative games. The packaging has loads of potential and I look forward to seeing it . When I did my Tradgardistan hills I used Vallejo textured paint which worked well for this and basing. Saved using sand paint,glue mix. In B&Q I have seen spray cans of textured paints too which might be useful for you. I think gamers view packaging in an interesting and creative manner as do they charity shops and all shopping eventuallities.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not come across Vallejo textured paint. I think I used the textured spray sand / stone for work 20 years ago but don’t remember the outcome. Yes, some sand mixed in with PVA and acrylic should work well as the ground base.
      The “what could this packaging be?” Frame of mind of childhood and gamers is a happy curse for your shed or garage to be.
      The Laing figures should be great for Close Wars forests and ImagiNations. It will give the Airfix tiny Girl from the Waggon Train set a break from being the imperilled Governer’s daughter all the time.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. In the early 1980s I had a collection of about 350 Laing AWI figures. They were ok but I went back to 25mm Hinchcliffe AWI. Still have about 300 of the latter, love the old Hezzlewood castings. And now, the 25mm reside in cabinets as I prefer 54mm gaming….. suits whats left of my eyes, and its more fun.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. In the early 1980s I was building a Peter Laing ECW army mainly because Airfix could already do many others (two packs Ancients, two packs AWI, three packs ACW etc, Waterloo, Wild West, WW1 etc).
      I hope that your AWI Peter Laings are still fighting somewhere!

      Liked by 1 person

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