Washington’s Army vintage Airfix OOHO paint conversions

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Strikingly colourful yellow and black paint conversions of the classic Airfix OOHO AWI Washington’s Army figures.

Such perfect figures for ImagiNations games. Enjoy!

More pictures at: https://poundstoreplasticwarriors.wordpress.com/2021/06/04/imaginations-vintage-airfix-figures-1-black-and-gold-washingtons-army-tricorne-troops/

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 4 / 5 June 2021


9 thoughts on “Washington’s Army vintage Airfix OOHO paint conversions”

  1. A full-strength regiment there! Can I ask how you based them? I’ve put my Colonial plastic 20mms on pennies, but for 18th-century types they should be closer together. But heavy enough not to tip over, so card doesn’t work either.


    1. The square based ones are on thick scrap picture mounting board from an old unwanted display (these were based a year or two ago).
      The round based ones are on MDF penny sized bases from Warbases, as I ran out of metal pennies during Covid Lockdowns.

      They fight mostly skirmish battles rather than “line em up, shoot em up” sort of battles, for which I could buy or make movement trays if needed. Warbases make penny base movement trays. Hope that helps.


  2. Here are some Courier early 1970s photos from my old AWI Airfix and Scruby 20mm collection (sold in late 1970s):
    IV-4; V-2; VI-4


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