Airfix OOHO Washington’s Army conversions by Steve Haller from The Courier magazine early 1970s

After posting my colourful black and gold ImagiNations paint version of Airfix OOHO Washington’s Army figures, I had an interesting blog comment / email from Steve Haller about his use of these 20mm figures:

Steve had pictures of his Washington’s Army troops published in the pages of The Courier magazine, which I have reprinted here with his permission.

You can see those familiar Airfix poses!

Steve wrote: “Here are some Courier early 1970s photos from my old AWI Airfix and Scruby 20mm collection (sold in late 1970s).”

They were published in Courier Magazine issues IV-4; V-2; VI-4.

Proof how versatile these figures are and how they made the AWI period accessible to many, even to the stage where they were mixed in games with ‘proper’ metal figures.

Thanks to Steve Haller for sharing these pictures, for which he still has the original prints.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 8/9 June 2021.


7 thoughts on “Airfix OOHO Washington’s Army conversions by Steve Haller from The Courier magazine early 1970s”

  1. I really enjoyed seeing Steve’s pictures. Shows the Airfix figures filled with potential and working well with other figures, metal ones. I only wish the photos were bigger so we might see the figures even more clearly. It looks an enjoyable game and I wonder what rules were employed? The scenery used works very well indeed with the figures. I like to think these figures are somewhere, in a shelf or in the attic, just waiting to be rediscovered and once more.

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    1. Somebody bought them from Steve in the late 70s, so they might at a push still be in action somewhere?
      Hopefully Steve can tell you more about rules or somebody with The Courier issues could tell you?
      It shows how good quality gaming magazine photographs are now, thanks to Digital, Colour (and Duncan MacFarlane?)


    2. Steve has sent me an email about his rules, which I have forwarded to you
      “My own rules (first published in 1975 by The Courier as an insert in Vol. VII-7 titled The Whites of Their Eyes). I still own sole copyright and have revised them over the years…”


  2. Great pictures! Thanks to you and to Steve for sharing them.
    Not so many conversions though as far as I can see, mostly just properly painted and mixed with metal figures made to the same scale. Those were the days! I really need to add some more Jacklex & Scruby ACW to my airfix armies.


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