Mystery OOHO American Infantry

These strange half dozen US Infantry came into my collection in the early to mid 1980s via my late Dad. I think they came from someone at his workplace.

I appreciated their smart paintwork. They were used in some of my teenage gaming scenarios but I was aware of their delicacy.

They are hard plastic and possibly kit figures. They had small square plasticard bases and one or two were missing either feet, bases or weapon tips.

I can’t find who made them. I have skimmed through the US Infantry section of Plastic Soldier Review.

***** One suggestion by Neil Patterson in the comments below, which seems right on web searching, is that these are Roco Minitanks figures. Thanks. *****

Mixed in with this mystery US Infantry, another mystery figure:

This strange green plastic radioman (below) reminds me of Giant (Hong Kong copies?) spacemen or divers, or the random 1980s sets of Atlantic ‘modern’ infantry figures.

My original 1980s paintwork, obviously in need of extra radiomen for a game …

Both these oddities, recently rebased on Warbases MDF penny bases, only survived I think in my 1980s Blue Box of bits and bobs of gaming stuff and stray figures.

Or my metal case

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN blog, 10 July 2021