Tankette Tuesday #Two

My battered sole survivor from the Char B / Renault FT17 Matchbox 1:76 set. The Char B has long gone, although it still have the street setting and the poilu figures somewhere.

Is it a tankette? Is it a light tank?

More about the FT17 https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Renault_FT

This late 1970s Matchbox kit was recently rereleased by Revell and can be found in some online model shops.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 13 July 2021

6 thoughts on “Tankette Tuesday #Two”

  1. Nice looking tank/tankette, probably the former. A great supporting player in some imaginations games. There is an illustration on some science fiction rules l have of a sf tank being accompanied into battle by a chap in a bicorne armed, if I recall correctly, with a pitchfork. Such an illustration took my thoughts in all sorts of gaming directions.


    1. You are right They do have a steam punk, Scifi look to them esp. the tadpole tail. I think it will fit with a wide range of ImagiNations games. They have suitably impressive almost century long history if Wikipedia is right.
      If I ever make / buy a second one, this and the Char B might get steampunked, all rivets and brass!


  2. It’s a nice model, and those display bases they were sold with were such a brilliant idea! More recently HaT made a version that you can still get, and the modern Skybirds range (see ebay) includes a copy of the Johill model if you like them in metal with a retro feel.


    1. Skybirds is an addiction I try to avoid (I have a few original figures). Their tankettes are lovely little things.
      I really enjoyed the Matchbox Model bases, although it assumed you were not going to game with them but display them including the few figures.
      I’m surprised Airfix did not steal the idea later on.
      The Matchbox Display terrain pieces often ended up as terrain game pieces – house walls, shattered bridges etc.


  3. The Renault FT-17!
    Nice little tank.
    When I visited Paris a quarter century ago, I crosses the Champs de Mars to Les Invalides, now a military museum and final resting place of Napoleon himself.
    And under a marble staircase was tucked a FT-17.


    1. If I had to choose a favourite tankette, it would probably be this one.
      Not sure what they would be like to drive though.
      Maybe more Tankette Tuesday posts will convince me otherwise?


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