Tiny Tiny Men of TIN

Parading alongside a British 1p coin for size comparison

Although I still have a small number of random 5mm to 6mm 1:300 figures from my teenage gaming days, hair roller armies aside, these curious new finds must be the next tiniest toy soldiers that I own.

The left hand box proved to be similar in size to a standard matchbox

These tiny tiny guardsmen were mixed in with the £5 eBay joblot box of 15mm mystery figures (now identified as Cellmate Miniatures 15mm Boxer Rebellion).

I couldn’t judge scale too well from the online photo but thought the guardsmen might be compatible with my 15mm Peter Laing Victorian Parade Range figures.

As it turned out the ‘larger’ figures on the left were near 15mm, these guardsmen must be nearer 10mm, although they range quite a bit in 10mm size and stature.

Comparison figures – left, Peter Laing 15mm and right, blue kneeling Risk Napoleonic figure.

I can only assume from their varied sizes that they were possibly made and painted as doll’s house scale toy soldiers?

If anyone recognises them I would be curious to know what they are.

Security is tight at my ‘affordable’ second home, which was only 50p at a local village boot sale!

Blog post by Mark Man of TIN, 29 August 2021

10 thoughts on “Tiny Tiny Men of TIN”

  1. I have seen similar on dolls house sites a while back but have no definite memories of where.. l feel they are old dolls house figures not current ones. Made when Britains Guards were prevalent in a household and figures to reflect this were needed for the dolls house market. Like you ( I assume) l have trawled on line to no avail. I will be interested to see how you deploy the figures…


    1. Thanks – yes I have looked across the Internet and failed to find anything similar. They do look as if they are trying to be tiny Britains.
      I may well use them in future with or against the couple of bags of Napoleonic Risk figures that I have.


  2. Sounds a plan. How are they size wise with Risk figures? I see a lot of creative gaming using Risk figures on the interweb. The prevalence of figures from many periods really helps the gamer I think.


    1. I put a blue kneeling (why kneeling?) shako wearing Risk figure on the right of the guards in one shot to give me an idea of scale. The dolls house toy soldier figures are in two sizes anyway.
      I found an old Napoleonic copy on Holiday a few years back, then an eBay seller who sold bags of spares.


  3. I read that Britain’s themselves made a “doll’s house scale” set for the playroom in a special doll’s house made around 1910 for the Queen to promote British industry. All the furniture, books, dishes, etc were made by the original maunfacturers. I would love to see a picture of those soldiers someday


    1. They were Britain’s Ltd. tiniest figures, one-off 9mm figures or 1/6th scale infantry and cavalry in a box rather than dolls house standard 1/12th scale. Queen Mary Doll House Project. It’s in the Great Book of Britain’s by James Opie – exhibited at the British Empire Exhibition 1924 and Ideal Home Exhibition Olympia 1925 period – I will post the pictures as a BPS to this post in next day or two.


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