More Colourful 20mm Jacklex Mexicans WIP

Arriba, arriba … andale, andale!

Some more colourful Jacklex 20mm Mexican Infantry 1910-1920 almost done on the painting table. Only a face wash and a tidy-up left to do before varnishing. These will probably be shiny gloss varnished to match the gloss acrylic shirt colour.

The shiny inspiration for these were the first (4-5) and second rate (6-7) colour schemes for the 54mm Britain’s Ltd. lead hollow-cast Mexican figures, pictured in Andrew Rose’s Toy Soldiers book, seen in my last Jacklex Mexican post.

Previously on Man of TIN blog …

Keeping the paint scheme simple in a Britain’s kind of way meant that the bold colours sing out and give me painting joy, the Carmine Red scarf on the glossy Light Blue jacket and matt Sand sombreros (Revell Acrylic Aquacolor range).

I also like the simple chrome green or sap-green Britain’s type base colour in place of my first attempt with the logical desert Sand bases.

Still some more work dry-brushing and highlighting to do on these guns …

A shell stack at the back, a freebie from EWM …

Painting notes for the future

Undercoat – brown craft Acrylic

Revell Aquacolor Acrylics

Flesh – Dark Earth matt

Hair – Teerschwarz – Tar Black Matt

Scarves or Neckerchiefs – Carmine Red Matt

Jackets – Light blue gloss, mud brown gloss or dark green matt

Face and hands – Citadel shade wash – Nuln Oil (Black)


I lack a desert background for North Afrika, Wild West and Mexico, so improvised in a simple Featherstone kind of manner. A J G desert background is on order for future shoots.

Gunnery practice up in the desert foothills …

Add in a train track and whole new scenarios present themselves …

That’s all folks!

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN / Hombre de HOJOLATA, 16 September 2021

6 thoughts on “More Colourful 20mm Jacklex Mexicans WIP”

  1. These look great! The Jacklex paint up well and are charming figures to boot, or should be cowboy boot. Britain’s colour palette is an excellent idea to replicate. Again looking forward to seeing them in action!

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  2. Mark…Very nice interesting figures. I like the idea of varnishing, I do the same with my figures. It not only looks good and makes the colours more vibrant but also protects them during wargaming handling. I note some colours are matt, will the gloss varnish not make them shiny too ??? Also have to say the background looks very good, not improvised at all. I will be interested in seeing the new background at some time. Regards.


  3. Hmmm, the old Matt or Gloss Varnish decision. I usually varnish in gloss, for that shiny toy soldier look. At the moment I have no gloss spray varnish left and none in my local stockist, so will search online, wait for a clear dry day outside and set up a backlog of figures to spray en masse.
    As if and when the backdrop arrives, I will be sure to show this. Sometimes on some websites ordering online, you are never sure if your order has been received, as when people die or retire, sometimes their websites sail on without them, flying dutchmen style, to the external eye alive … GBE Toy Soldiers was one such website.


  4. Mark…I use semi gloss Humbrol varnish, seems the best of both worlds. I hear what you say about “flying dutchmen” sites !!!! I saw a few years ago online a model boat shop near the Greenwich Maritime Museum in London so went to find it on my next visit only to find it had gone at least a year before !!!!! The website had just sailed on as you say. Regards.


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