Pirate Ship Playset Joy Ahoy – cross posted!

Out of scale crew and stylised pirate play set joy alert – Ahoy there, Ship Mates!

Re-Crewed on a smaller scale by my mystery 15mm Chinese pirates …

Crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors sister blog


2 thoughts on “Pirate Ship Playset Joy Ahoy – cross posted!”

  1. The ingenuity of us gamers never ceases to amaze me. I often tell SWIMBO that I just having a quick look on the Toy Shop for the Grandkids but SHE knows I am really looking for “stuff” I can use myself!


  2. This, it could be argued, is purely a household economy as buying such a ship from a gaming supplier in resin and metal would be far more expensive.

    With the anticipated shortage of toys in the UK this Christmas (due to issues with manufacturing in China, container ship and HGV driver shortages, COVID etc) arguably we should stock up now, before the children get them all.

    These ships have been berthed in the Christmas present cupboard to reappear on the great day itself, less than 100 days away now …


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