Battling Little Bronte Wolves arrive from Bad Squiddo! And we raised the money to save the Bronte manuscripts too …

My battling little Bronte Wolves have arrived, and are already slugging it out in the role playing games of their “Tropical Yarkshire” ImagiNations of Glass Town, Angria, Gondal and Gaaldine.

I haven’t even painted them yet and they are already hard at it … Charlotte, Emily, Ann and Branwell – knock it off!

Any parcel from Annie Norman at Bad Squiddo is always a joy … and a mystery. What strange little quirky extras will it contain?

Previously I’ve had tiny metal guinea pig figures, a herbal fruit tea bag …

and today, a cool Sk8ter Pig Angel sticker.

As I’m a little too old and too easily breakable for falling off a skateboard now, I shall bestow it on my Spla-Fiti Skater Graffiti gangs game as a huge piece of street art on the side of a building.

Great fast return of post and excellent quirky customer service from Bad Squiddo, as good as that of Peter Laing in the 1980s? I’m reminded of this, as I catalogue and blog my collection of these my first 15mm metal figures ahead of their Fiftieth anniversary in October 1972 / 2022

The other great news today …

Just days ago it wasn’t looking good with over £12K to raise …

A few days ago it was struggling past half way with under a week to go to raise the £25K from the public by the end of October.

We smashed it with three days to go!

Thanks to those blog readers who passed on the Just Giving link or donated from your war chests!

A fitting tribute to these first female Role Playing Gamers, historical or fantasy ImagiNations gamers!

Missed giving? You can still donate. More money is always welcome at the Bronte Parsonage Museum / Friends of the National Libraries to secure, conserve and display such Bronte manuscripts …

Now off to paint those Little Bronte Wolves, if they can stop squabbling and scrapping long enough … I know just how their father Patrick Bronte felt. “Martha, control these children!”

More on this blog page of my Bronte inspired ImagiNations gaming here:

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, 28 October 2021

6 thoughts on “Battling Little Bronte Wolves arrive from Bad Squiddo! And we raised the money to save the Bronte manuscripts too …”

  1. Excellent news re manuscripts, it is pleasing to have helped in a small way. Looked quite dodgy at one point but a happy ending. I look forward to see the new figures in action.

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  2. Good news with the manuscripts and the new figures. I also like dealing with Bad Squiddo and their little surprises. Their figures are excellent for the VBCW and Operation sea-Lion scenarios.


    1. Every Bad Squiddo parcel is a joy. It is usually a pleasure dealing direct with the makers, way back to writing off to Peter Laing for small orders of 15mm figures with my tweenage pocket money in the early 80s.
      As you say, such female and civilian figures are so versatile for Sealion and VBCW scenarios.


  3. Well done – and thank you for your contribution! I think it shows the positive power of social media and the chain of contacts tapping small donations that soon mount up. I contacted an author I knew to pass this on to their network, along with posting out to several Gamer and Bronte Facebook groups, who hopefully all passed this on to their contacts … and so it goes …

    There we go, we have both done our small bit!

    Last night worked on the Little Bronte Wolves. They are now based, amended with tissue paper sashes (avoiding green stuff milliput), a hood for Branwell to hide the long girl hair, filed down the swords to make them more square and wooden.
    All part of making them part children (role) playing their Angria and GlassTown characters, or part really battling boggarts, as their servants would have told them about and other folkloric forces of evil? I shall have to track down some gritty Northern folk tale /folklore books of the time.

    My Cornish folklore ones are not a million miles off, as their Bronte mother and aunt grew up in Penzance …


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