Books under £5 sale from Bovington Tank Museum online shop

An amazing and eclectic selection of military books (tanks, planes, autobiographies, biographies, military history) as well as general non- fiction and fiction and children’s books on sale for under £5 from Bovington Tank Museum online shop:

An excellent way to support the Bovington Tank Museum!

I have ordered a couple of ECW books.


Previously on Man of TIN at Bovington Tank Museum …

Wooden Tank models – Still available!

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN 6 November 2021

4 thoughts on “Books under £5 sale from Bovington Tank Museum online shop”

  1. Amazing selection of books, far more expansive than I would have expected from this organisation. Nothing for me but thanks for sharing. Regards.


  2. Great store- last time I looked there it cost me £30 but I did get sent a big box with books in in return. It is a museum I’m very fond of and would love to visit again.




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