Peter Laing 15mm figure ID challenge #3

Some more interesting Peter Laing figures to be IDentified and added to my online catalogue of my collection.

This is all part of the countdown to the 50th anniversary next year 2022 of the first Peter Laing figures produced in October 1972 and the birth of a new scale, arguably first 15mm figures?

Blog post by Mark Man of TIN 9 November 2021 –

also to be crossposted to the MeWe Peter Laing figure collectors community forum page.

5 thoughts on “Peter Laing 15mm figure ID challenge #3”

  1. A great place service you are providing for collectors by this endeavour. The club I belonged to used to put in large bulk orders to Peter Laing and I recall all the wee paper packages being sorted. I had a Early Imperial Roman Legion at 1 to 20 scale as well as WW1 in Africa armies. It is interesting to see many figures by PL that l have never seen before.


  2. Good memories. I will get to the Ancients range eventually!
    Once I have photographed and catalogued over the next few months what figures I have acquired on and off over thirty to forty years, I shall be relaying on the generosity of fellow Peter Laing collectors to share photos of ones I don’t have. Ian Dury himself, John the Wargame Hermit’s website and other PL collectors have already been helpful on figure ID.
    I’ve set myself a year …


  3. Pretty sure your figure is M701 British lancer from the ww1 range, he’s had his hat peak removed and appears to have been honourably discharged and re-enlisted in (going by the paint job) an Indian mutiny army. I had to do something similar to produce a British lancer for my mutiny army but used the Crimean war lancer .


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