What will 2022 bring?

Anyone else made any foolish unachievable resolutions for this year’s gaming?

Battling Bronte Sisters (Bad Squiddo 28mm Little Wolves Amazons) meet 25mm Prince August Homecast cavemen boggarts. As close as I will get to Silver Bayonet?


It’s that time of the year when New Year’s Resolutions are optimistically made … but maybe not in this house.

My New Gaming Year’s Irresolutions for 2021 were kept deliberately vague …


but even then my vaguest plans for New Gaming Year NGY 2021 often went awry, mostly due to COVID.

The local village Spring Flower and Craft show 2021 never happened so no #FEMBruary figures from Bad Squiddo painted as planned but I did paint some later in the year – The Battling Bronte sisters.

Thanks to Covid levels, I never made it to the Woking 2021 54mm Little Wars Revisited Games Day when it finally happened. Covid dependent of course, but hopefully I might make it in 2022 with my Boy Scouts and snowball fighters who need more gaming time https://littlewarsrevisited.boards.net/thread/847/woking-games-saturday-march-correct.

My local history research project talk on WW2 in my local area (as a fundraiser) was postponed by COVID from autumn 2021 to late May 2022.

I think the NGY Irresolutions 2020 will still stand after a year or two interrupted but who knows what might happen in 2022?

New Gaming Year’s Irresolutions 2022

In no particular order

1. Cataloguing Peter Laing 15mm figures as part of celebrating the 50th anniversary of the now out-of-production Peter Laing figures, possibly the first 15mm figures when they launched in October 1972.


As well as cataloguing what I have over the next ten months, fellow members of the Peter Laing collectors circle on MeWe have been helping me identify figures and supplying photos of figures I don’t have. Then there’s painting and basing more of my unpainted Laing figure stash and getting in some more 15mm skirmish games?

Peter Laing 15mm Chasseurs d’Alpins (WW1 Range) complete with walking sticks!

2. England or Cornwall invaded – Variations on Operation Sealion / Leon Marino

Still playing around with skirmish ideas as part of my Look Duck and Varnish Blog ongoing Operation Sealion Home Guard games, but also found out more about the WW1 ‘Gorgeous Wrecks’ or Volunteer Training Corps, good for future VTC Wide Games and Victorian / Edwardian / WW1 era ‘what if’ games.

Arma-Dads Army! 1590s Home Guard Elizabethan Muster of conversions and ECW figures against the Spanish Fury, Chintoys Conquistadors and pound store Pirates …


3. More Close Little Wars forest skirmishes and Close Little Space Wars Games in 54mm … I didn’t get a backyard garden galaxy game in this year.

My lovely Bold Frontiers cardboard trees didn’t get enough of an outing in 2021…

Two Britain’s Ltd. broken Scots charging – a favourite pose – with part repaired rifles, two more figures from the Waifs and Strays group of figures 2021 – “Waifs and Strays” sounds like it should be a Victorian Regimental nickname.

4. I look forward to some more enjoyable tinkering with 54mm repairs of broken lead figures to add to various units. Over the years I have been stashing away battered and broken figures from various donations – cowboys, Indians, redcoats, Scots and Khaki figures – along with the odd intriguing figure bought online.

Arrived last year and put away for Christmas – some very heavy, solid lead and fairly paint distressed Terraton 54mm-ish German semiflats to repair and rebase. Indians, redcoats, trees and farm animals …

5. What else might happen?

Weather permitting maybe will even get some more home casting done outdoors?

Pound Store Plastic figures, Early War Miniatures 1940 Range (for Svenmarck invaded!) and vintage Airfix OOHO figures to restore or rebase for some skirmish games.

More time for Bronte ImagiNations?

My Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts and Snowball Games need attention!

My skateboarders could do with painting!

Not going to run out of fun things to do …

What are your New Gaming Year plans?

I hope that your gaming plans for 2022 go agreeably awry as well.

Blog posted by Mark Man of TIN, NYE 31 December 2021 / 1st January 2022

14 thoughts on “What will 2022 bring?”

  1. I must admit I haven’t got around to any wargaming resolutions for the coming year yet – perhaps ‘buy less – play more ‘ !? may be my watch word – we will see , Tony


    1. That, Tony, is very wise – do you travel in threes with camels? 🙂

      Maybe we should all adopt your approach – “Buy less / Bought enough, Play More – with what you have, like when you were a youngster.” I hear small and large traders tremble …

      Perfection is often the enemy of the good (enough).
      Perfection is also the enemy of “the Game” being ever played.

      The Procrasti-Nation are the thieves of Time etc etc.


    1. Thanks for your best wishes and all the best for your FEMbruary models and figure painting next year. Maybe even the odd Marlburian game?

      Peter Laing started his 15mm Range (and all 15mm ranges) with Marlburians … https://collectingpeterlaing15mmfigures.wordpress.com/peter-laing-wargames-and-collectors-blog-links/
      and on the same page is a link to Bob Cordery’s page which has the original photo advert of Marlburians (found by PL collector Ian Dury)

      Liked by 1 person

    1. “No Plan survives first contact with the enemy” as military types say – not quite sure who the ‘enemy’ is in this case. The Procrasti-Nation maybe? Shiny new things maybe?

      And huzzah! I don’t have to do any of them, except maybe the Laing catalogue …

      Best wishes for next year’s blogging about the Woodscrew Army and the interesting book reviews. Any new plans?
      The German horse artillery are sat beside my modelling desk, waiting their “Svenmarck invaded” a-historical moment soon.


      1. Plans for 2022 are to commence construction of my fourth army and to figure out how to provide pontoon bridging equipment. I decided I needed this and am currently searching for a suitable “pontoon boat” like object I can use. No luck so far but its early days yet. Glad the horse artillery are about to join the Colours. Regards.

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  2. Great list. My plans seem to always go awry, mainly because something new and bright and shiny comes up and I get distracted, but I do have some plans that I will post about soon, if I don’t get distracted!


  3. I am hoping for things get better in 2022. I think it will be a repeat of things but a little better. I will try to make it to a few of the shows they have over in the US if they have them. I will continue to expand my 11th Century Anglo-Saxon England with my 3D printed Miniatures. I will soon have them in 28mm scale besides the 54mm & 57mm scales. By the end of the year, I hope to have most of the village made. I should be busy this year making a few houses, craftsmen shops and peasants doing all kinds of daily things before the Vikings come…


    1. Hi Mike – I hope you have a better trading year in 2022 and that shows safely return in the US.
      You have some interesting plans and interesting new figures on your blog / website … but then again I have also made an irresolution or two to finish some of the projects I mentioned.
      I look forward to seeing the village develop and hope your Anglo Saxons in the village have a peaceful year or two – before those pesky Vikings turn up and ruin it!

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      1. We had a couple of shows that were not too bad this year. The crowds were smaller but the collectors that did come spent more money. I should have a nice collection of figures by the end of 2022. Let’s hope things get better this year.

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  4. A veritable box of delights ahead here on your blog. I look forward to seeing them progress and gaining inspiration there by. By coincidence l have some space Tim Mee on the painting table and am looking forward to some blaster action. I have finally got round to watching the Mandalorian and am greatly enjoying it!
    Renaissance Dad’s Army is another highlight l am looking forward to seeing here in 2022.


    1. Thanks Alan I have a vision now of Mainwaring and his men including Private Frank “Nudgeof” Pike stumbling through a time portal to arrive on the Cornish or Kent beaches to defeat the Spanish Fury. Captain Mainwaring – “cometh the hour, cometh the man”. Not so much “ Napoleon” as Walter Ralegh?

      Or maybe just stumbling into some blaster fun with Close Little Space Wars …
      I’m glad you are enjoying the Mandalorion and the new Book Of Fett spin off series. Good old Space Westerns with Imperial cannon fodder!

      Rereading The Grove Of Eagles by Winston Graham from one year into the next!


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