Airfix Space Warriors 1981 and Battlestar Galactica 1978 Cylon clone figures

More of those curious Airfix Space Warriors:

Crossposted from Mark Man of TIN Blog Two, 31 January 2022

6 thoughts on “Airfix Space Warriors 1981 and Battlestar Galactica 1978 Cylon clone figures”

  1. The reptilian figures do look great in a nice over ten strong squad and painted to resemble Cylons.

    Last year I finally signed up to ebay, specifically so I could get my hands on a set of the Airfix Space Warriors. I kind of like did not stop with just buying a second hand 14 figure set, but also bought a few incomplete set figures. This means I currently have several of the reptilian figures. I just got my first two painted over the last few weeks. Unable to decide between the bronze colour armour they have on the illustration of the packaging and cylon silver, I did both on each figure, basically blue tinged silver on one side and bronze on the other.

    I have also had a go at running a battle with the figures, using Featherstone rules, except with one alteration; I had the hero and heroine figures hit on a 4+ or 3+ if firing from cover at an exposed enemy. Found it worked rather well.

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  2. This is the way, to pick up penny packets of the figures over time rather than complete boxed sets and you can build up / add to a skirmish force more easily.
    I agree Hero and heroine figures, rather than laser fodder troops, should have that extra zing or zap factor, as you don’t want to be losing Space Prince / Princess characters too often.
    One reptile scaled figure had been already painted by someone else in the box colours but was a bit tatty so I stuck with / repaired that. Bronze armour was quite tempting too. Very steampunk!
    My original childhood boxed one was still unpainted so ‘he’ (it?) is amongst the black and silver Cylons.

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  3. So you have at least 12 of the reptilian/Cylon like figures. That is assuming you only had one from your childhood box set, rather than two, suggesting you had split the box with someone.

    The ones I had as a kid I painted in box colours except I did the scale in flesh colour, because I did not like the colour, green. Assuming they went to a charity shop, whoever ended up with them probably wondered what I was thinking.

    One of the ones I have bought off ebay has bright red boots and pale blueish turquoise scales. Apparently it had been painted by one of the daughters of the guy who sold it. He had managed to get both his daughters into modelling. All credit to him. I think where the gold paint of the armour had worn away, I’ll touch it up with silver.

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