DMZ Post No. 3 Tank Engine Tuesday

In place of the expected or promised Tankette Tuesday, here is the much more peaceful DMZ Demilitarised Tank Engine Tuesday

And some relaxing links to my occasional Sidetracked blog about railway and gaming overlap (without any of that violent blowing up of trains and train lines).

Blogposted by Mark Man of TIN, 1 March 2020

4 thoughts on “DMZ Post No. 3 Tank Engine Tuesday”

  1. Trains and warfare often go together – maquis derailments, train-busting tornadoes, armoured trains, etc etc. And as we see on the news at the moment, most sadly, refugee exoduses. So a bit of downtime along an entirely peaceful branch line sounds very attractive.


    1. I agree that they play an I poartnt role in warfare and therefore in wargames and star why games. That military side of the Sidetracked blog is there including a Railway Modeller “Junior Modeller” WW1 layout article using Airfix figures that I remember reading as a youngster, much the same as I remember the memorably weird Snooville with its dinosaurs, Dr. Who and fantasy.
      Sometimes at times like these you just need those quiet branch lines …


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