Cereal Killers of Lockdown 2020

I can’t believe it’s two years since the Krispi tribe appeared in early Lockdown. One of them still survives amongst my assorted troops.


Slightly more sensible plastic “cereal killers”, the Crescent / Kellogg’s Plastic bandsmen and colour party.


I found an advert / box back of these fine bandsmen shown online with original box backs and adverts whilst spending happy hours last week on the cereal ‘premium’ website http://cerealoffers.com, where I found again the cardboard Asterix figures and Weetabix scenes of my childhood.

“FREE IN THIS PACKET at the bottom of the inner bag” – free toy soldiers in your cornflakes – imagine that today!

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, April 1 2020/22

9 thoughts on “Cereal Killers of Lockdown 2020”

  1. I remember very well my collection of “Wheat Bix” Australian Rules plastic footballers. I had enough to field two sides and played whole seasons of games with them.


  2. I must have missed the original post on the Krispi tribe…your imagination knows no bounds and we are all the better for that !!!!!! Regards.


  3. The other great cereal excitement was the small plastic submarine you filled with baking soda and it performed dramatically in water.
    I recall having such a hassle with the cardboard figure of a pikeman on the packet when trying to cut out his pike without cutting it. I seem to remember sellotape was deployed albeit not to successfully.


    1. Early Paperboys? I think I would have gone for mixed media with cocktail stick or piece of wire (if you could have found such as a child).
      Such submarines are still on sale, stocking fillers, a little bit of Science magic!


    1. Thank you – I shall give that a listen. The opening episode of the BBC TV series had Tom Good (Richard Bryers) giving up his job designing plastic wildlife animals for cereal packets. I remember these sort of plastic cereal toys well.


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