DF62 Crew Of 54mm Toyboarders finished for Splafiti

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5 thoughts on “DF62 Crew Of 54mm Toyboarders finished for Splafiti”

  1. Love the figures and using the skateboard as a display base was inspired!. Picked up a first edition of wide games from Abe Books which is great with lots of scenarios applicable to table top gaming. Would love to see a snowball fight battle report some time! I have ordered some Girl guides from Bad Squiddo and some Guides from Ist Corps for my Very British Civil War thanks to your inspiration. Not sure to thank you or curse you!

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    1. Thanks! I look forward to seeing what you do with the Wide Games scenarios.

      I like the Bad Squiddo figures but don’t usually game in 28mm so have not bought these yet. The other WW2 civilians from Bad Squiddo and other makers are good for NPC non player characters. Perfect for VBCW …

      On the painting table I have a patrol or two of 1940s Guides and Scouts from Sergeants Mess in 20mm (and tents and Trek Cart bundle) so I can use Airfix Dapol railway buildings etc to give a wider country scale for these wide Game manoeuvres.

      Debating whether I go for white snow basing or not …

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