British Camp Fire Girls in the 1920s

The little known British version of the American Camp Fire Girls (1925 British handbook photo)

Another enjoyable research ‘rabbit hole’ for my Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop Project, in hobby terms let’s call it obscure uniform research and gaming scenarios for my DMZ demilitarised Project:

Crossposted from my Tabletop Scouting Wide Games Blog:

This will eventually make it onto the tabletop or garden in the form of gaming figure conversions to match my Girl Scouts, Guides, Boy Scouts Figures.

Blog crossposted by Mark Man Of TIN, 1970s Cub Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired) on 23 April 2022 – Shakespeare’s Birthday and St George’s Day. Be nice to Dragons!

2 thoughts on “British Camp Fire Girls in the 1920s”

    1. Thanks. Each time I think this Scouting and Guiding lark is a weird tangent of a rabbit hole to go down, I then think that if this was obscure battlefield, regimental or uniform research, nobody would blink an eyelid. It’s good to get into “the feel” of the period gamed, especially if we pursue the personalised RPG side as well more in future.
      It also fits with my DMZ Demilitarised mood, thanks to three months of real and nasty Khaki Grunge warfare in Europe. No criticism implied of what anyone else is doing, that is their choice and how they spend their hobby / leisure time. I was working on Scouting Wide Games and Snowball fights, Splafiti, Splattack and Suffrafiti projects anyway.


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