Michael Bentine’s Potty Time and the Potty Khyber Pass

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2 thoughts on “Michael Bentine’s Potty Time and the Potty Khyber Pass”

  1. Hello Motty (Man of Tin)
    Regarding your map of Bentines potty Afghanisloonstan. Did you not know I was in the 23rd? That is the 23rd Subterranean Mountain Goat Squadron of old Kandahar. Many’s a time we patrolled the perimeter of our allotted caves, and we never saw the enemy? However we did keep quite cool inside. And we all became acquainted with our Goats……on first name turns (terms). What a spiffing (spitting) time we all had. The Goats tended to spiff a bit. Any way ol’ bean carry on the good work reminds me of the Times in the Army…….Best forgotten actually.
    Potty bye,
    Algernon spotty faced Peregrine of Kandahar twice removed (by bayonet) from Paignton Zoo.


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