Khaki Lass – Be Prepared – early Girl Scout (Of America?) postcard

Up early, dodging the heat, working on another Girl Scout Of America patrol for my Scouting Wide Games for the Tabletop Project.

This charming Khaki Lass says “Be Prepared” – keep safe in the heat.

Postcard image painted by Philip Boileau, c. 1910s.

Crossposted from my Scouting Wide Games – read more about this card and painter here:

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN, 1970s British Boy Scout (Bronze Arrow, retired) on 17 July 2022.


2 thoughts on “Khaki Lass – Be Prepared – early Girl Scout (Of America?) postcard”

  1. Looking forward to how the patrol looks. The Winter fun packs from Old Glory have arrived and will look great. Sadly they will be a little while down the track.


    1. Good to hear the Winter Gun Packs have arrived … a project for the winter maybe?

      The Girl Scout Patrol is done, but I want to rework the faces again before I declare them finished.


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