RPG, Escape From Kraznir and Scouting Wide Games

A repost of a December 2019 “clearing the drafts” blogpost about Escape from Kraznir that I reread recently as I try to work out more RPG / narrative and fantasy elements into my Scouting Wide Games Project:


August 2022 Update: New Post with the original Kraznir scenario and map which I have crudely denamed, the characters made gender neutral and differently classed or with more generic, updated character types to suit a wider range of periods:


Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN December 2019 / August 2022

6 thoughts on “RPG, Escape From Kraznir and Scouting Wide Games”

  1. I’d consider swiping this for my own RPG campaign if I wasn’t limited to an hour and one encounter a session! Nice idea that could also prove a seed for a wargame scenario.

    Oh, wait, THAT I can do…! Hmm.


    1. Jen – Here is a link to the roughly denamed, gender neutral and more generic version that I have edited and amended for future use. I hope some of it is of use.
      I will track down the old textbook so that I can credit the writer and illustrator if possible


  2. It originates from and was widely used in the UK for Secondary Schools Year 7 (11 year olds) and above to encourage creative writing, the fantasy genre and group work from an Oxford Secondary English textbook (Oxford University Press, 1982)


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