Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

Photographs from my blog post in 2018

Last paraded joyously for the 70th Platinum Jubilee

The New Elizabethan Age passes. A new age of Charles III begins.

Blog posted by Mark Man Of TIN on 8 September 2022


13 thoughts on “Remembering Queen Elizabeth II”

  1. She’ll be missed. I’ve never seen that ATS figure, though the Britain’s parade one was on the back of a box of four color guard I once owned.

    I am planning to assemble a few Paperboys Guards to stand over a commemorative book display tomorrow.

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    1. Yes she will be missed. The Paperboys will be a fitting tribute. There has been much radio coverage here about the reaction to the Queen’s death around the Commonwealth, Canada and America and how many Presidents she had met and hosted.
      The ATS figure of The Queen came from a Britain’s small series of The Queen in various moments of her life – it’s not a great likeness but reminds us that she came of age and served in WW2.

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  2. Very true James and great idea Jennifer. My Albion 54mm toy soldier army has this mounted figure as a commander.
    Unreality to all this l feel. A constant has gone .

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    1. It feels a little like the passing of Queen Victoria in 1901, something we saw a glimpse of with The Queen Mother’s funeral, and all the subtle changes that now have to happen to adjust or readjust. Changing the currency, the stamps, the ER on postboxes now being as historical as GR or VR …

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    1. Thank you. As you say, a job done as well as any could in a rapidly changing world. King Charles (still seems odd – it still has a dandy foppish floppy eared Spaniel or unfortunate predecessors connotation which will no doubt fade with time and usage) will have a more multicultural nation, a changing Commonwealth, the global challenge of Climate Change and changes in Global power to navigate and all.
      Somehow it feels like drawing a line under the old world, the Empire days and WW2. There that’s done now. What next …

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  3. “The King” has an odd ring to me having been born in the year of accession, it will take some getting used to. He has a tough act to follow. Well done on a fitting tribute. Regards.

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    1. Thanks Tony. There must be increasingly few people in Britain or worldwide who remember from schooldays, Scouts and service days declaiming “God Save The King” (the Old King) pre-1952. They linger still in the odd old pillar box with GR etc etc.

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  4. Nice post mate, When I started school in 1960 at a tiny school stuck out in the middle of nowhere we, all 16 of us had to line up every morning and salute the flag and sing God save the Queen, I remember later on that dad said it was hard for him to adjust to it being Queen.
    I wont have that problem as they changed the anthem over here years back to something I cant relate to and don’ t even know the words but can still sing God Save the Queen word for word just to annoy the daughters!!


    1. Thanks Patmcf – Great memories. That sounds a little like my 1970s Cub Scout Group and my 1970s Primary school.
      I have not yet had to sing the new National Anthem King version and not being a sports fan I cannot see when I will have to, but I’m sure like many it will be a He / her / him mash up unless I pay attention for a while. It must be the same for all new or changed national anthems.

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