50th Anniversary of the first 15mm figures advertised by Peter Laing November 1972

Military Modelling November 1972

Read more about the birth of 15mm and Peter Laing figures here:


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8 thoughts on “50th Anniversary of the first 15mm figures advertised by Peter Laing November 1972”

  1. It is one of the great shames of wargaming that these figures are no longer available – I wonder what happened to the molds ?


    1. As mentioned on my Facebook comment this is one of wargaming (and the TMP Page threads) great minor mysteries that have led to me dumpster diving on tip offs etc.

      In the absence of the moulds, I think we arguably now have permission or creative ‘licence’ to home cast for our own purposes (rather than commercially)?
      At least the cast ones that remain and surface on eBay etc now command a good price and are valued / treasured and appreciated.


    1. I agree to invent a whole new scale is a landmark moment.
      I retain an equal fondness for my much loved childhood Airfix 20mm (especially the Laing like first versions) and for my Peter Laing 15mm figures.
      Smaller Scales – I still have a few of my teenage Heroics and Ros 1:300 figures and Bellona scenery. I was working on last year / during COVID on a named individual tiny scale personalised / named figure skirmish game suitably scaled down. One day it will work …


      1. Somewhere in the toy cupboard I have two platoons of WW2 6mm infantry – one British and one German – individually based with names.
        They used to scrap agains each other so frequently that they got to know the names of their opponents. Somehow the dead chaps used to resurrect for the next battle…


  2. Had a whole Legion of them in my Uni days. Happy memories of big weekend battles with three players and armies a side in the Student Union.


    1. A Lost Legion, Eagle Of the Ninth style ?

      Great figures indeed. My Peter Laing Roman Legion (Defenders / invaders) and (heroic) Pictish / Briton (opposition) etc. came from and painted by the late great Stuart Asquith, acquired when he was downsizing – an honour to command them as their new commander! I’ll bring them along one day when we meet again.
      I didn’t acquire Romans in the 80s (when like everyone I should have bought more Laings) because I had Airfix Romans and Britons. If I had that period / Army already in Airfix / Plastic, I tended not to buy them in 15mm / Laing. Hence starting with ECW / Scots / Marlburian …



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