New Gaming Year Ir-Resolutions for 2023?

What will 2023 bring on the tabletop?

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Happy Blogmas 2022 – toy soldier decorations

The tree has been up for a week up and a few toy soldier Christmas decs are on display with a Danish Guards theme.

The sentry box and Guard is made of glass and quite fragile.

Happy Christmas to all my readers, visitors and blog buddies.

Here’s to you all receiving lots of shiny toys and interesting books to read for Christmas and a peaceful New Year of gaming!

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More 1960s Featherstone Close Wars rules rebooted as Sci-Fi by The Wargaming Pastor on his Death Zap Blog

Another Featherstone Close Wars related blog post, by the Wargaming Pastor on his Death Zapp blog, crossposted from my Pound Store Plastic Warriors Blog:

Featherstone’s Close Wars rules used for modern combat? Model Rails and Wargames blog post from Norway

A link to Roger Halvorsen’s interesting blog post from Norway that mentions my Close Wars posts

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Annoyingly I find I cannot leave comments on Roger’s post (a Google sign in thing)

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