New Gaming Year Ir-Resolutions for 2023?

What will 2023 bring on the tabletop?

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4 thoughts on “New Gaming Year Ir-Resolutions for 2023?”

  1. Born in 1954 I was somewhat older than you when the Falklands War started.
    Two years later I moved to within a long stone’s throw of Greenham Common and now live half a mile from the Aldermaston AWE site.
    I’ve long been aware that if everything goes “tits up” I won’t be around long enough to see much of it.
    Happy New Year!


    1. You could start Cold War tourism tours. Useful trivia fact – I understand that the nuclear landscape of Greenham Common is also the site of the very vicious rabbit struggles of Richard Adams’ Watership Down.


      1. I have always believed Watership Down to be to the north of Newbury, but I may be wrong.
        The Greenham Common airfield is returned to common land now, except for an industrial estate based on ex USAF buildings on the south side.
        Odd things like US fire hydrants are still dotted about, and the old missile bunkers are fenced off – to be used only by “Top Gear” or “Star Wars” filming.
        Until dismantled as part of the “end of Cold War” negotiations it was the emergency runway if Heathrow could not be used. Now there is no fall-back!

        Tour 1 ends.

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