Historic Rural Churches Of Georgia book review

A fascinating book of Southern states American history told through one of its important buildings – the rural church. Reviewed here:


That’s the last of my Christmas money spent on this beautiful photographic and history book.

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3 thoughts on “Historic Rural Churches Of Georgia book review”

  1. GEORGIAN CHURCHES – Looking at your article and the history of the churches, it reminded me of the American War of Independence. I would like to either make or buy a 54mm church of that period. For those of you of a certain age you may recall that back in 1976 it was the 200th commemorative year of the start of the war in 1776. And in 2026 it will be the 250th. I recall back in 1976 urging my dad to fill up his car at either a BP or Shell garage? So that I could get my hands on the “Men of 76” these were figures of the Colonials, Redcoats, Civilians, Artillery and Cavalry with a star fort. Unfortunately I only got a handful before these freebie’s stopped. And they are long gone now. However my interest is growing again and I am slowly building up a small force of AWI figures. A few Britains AWI Swoppets (expensive), Accurate AWI, Call to Arms AWI, Timpo AWI, BMC AWI, and a spattering of some metal troops, and plastic troops of unknown makes? The beauty of these are that the Colonials in the early part of the war were not as regimented as the Redcoats. So they can be a mix of figures. Maybe someone will release more troops of this period in the run up to 2026? I do have some Marx clapperboard type plastic ACW houses which when painted up should look similar to the AWI houses. However I have a lot of painting to do before 2026 arrives which is just around the corner! Happy gaming to all!


    1. Martin
      I wish you all the best with your 54mm AWI Building Project. I’m sure there will be a lot of interest in the 250th Anniversary. I dimly recall the 1776/1976 bicentenary but had few figures to link in. We had a KTel / Ronco type LP album of American songs and marches. Star Wars was also around the corner. We had a few AWI Swoppets from the late 60s and 70s, knocking around with our cowboys, the Tricorne a weird cowboy hat – sadly we had no family car in 1976 so no free source of figures. The two versatile boxes of Airfix AWI OOHO figures were the closest I had. As you say, the unregimented nature of the ‘Colonials’ allows for mixed figure origins.
      I look forward to seeing pictures of what you build!
      Mark Man Of TIN

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