15mm English Civil War buildings Sarissa Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shot and Peter Laing John Mitchell buildings

I have built my first Sarissa MDF buildings from the Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shotte Starter Set Push Of Pike

and I also remember their Peter Laing / John Mitchell equivalents from 40 to 50 years before.

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More Fiddly 28mm Mini Multipose Fun Figures meet 30mm Mark’s Little Soldiers

Over the last few weeks I have been kitbashing 28mm WW2 figures from freebie magazine sprues into ImagiNations troops (thanks to Alan, David and others)

  • Mountain Troops
  • Marine Light Infantry

I have also been comparing them with suitable 28mm to 32 mm figures in my collection, along with some spare 30mm figures from the Mark’s Little Soldiers neo-retro Range (thanks Alan!)

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Italian WW2 Infantry changed into Scandi mountain troops


And to add to these fine fellows (above), I have kitbashed six more Marine Raiders in pith helmets


Along with some spare Officer figures from the new Mark’s Little Soldiers 30mm Range:


Amazing how varied 28mm Is in terms of size and stature, the same can be said of 30mm to 32mm including Pound Store Plastic Warriors for a cheap bulked out army.

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Peter Laing 15mm ECW metal figures compared to the new Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shotte plastic figures

Peter Laing 15mm ECW metal figures compared to the new Warlord Games Epic Battles Pike and Shotte 13-15mm plastic figures.

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Moustachioed Marine Light Infantry – more Fiddly 28mm Mini Multipose Fun

More pictures at / crossposted from my Man Of TIN Blog Two, some ImagiNations Marine Light Infantry with fine facial hair, kitbashed from different WW2 28mm Warlord Games freebie sprues:


Thanks David and Alan for the freebie sprues.

Christopher Ellis’ Introduction to the 1970 Reprint Of H.G. Wells’ Little Wars of 1913

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28mm Mini Multipose Fun – Pom Fiddly Om Pom – Work in Progress


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Country Life article on Britain’s, H.G. Wells and the life and death of Toy Soldiers

This link to the recent Country Life article by Charles Harris includes pictures of Wells’ grandsons as youngsters playing with his collection came from the BMSS website


Country Life, www.countrylife.co.uk magazine of 8 December 2021 “We all fall down like toy soldiers” by Charles Harris. copyright Country Life Etc. Etc.

The article (above) ends with the writer’s nostalgia, their family memories and point of view, along with concerns about the toy soldier collectors of the future.

Before Alan Tradgardland Gruber mentions it, where has the BMSS wargaming section of yore gone?

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Raiders from the Croissant Nebula?

In a year that has seen Chinese spy balloons and strange ‘alien’ shapes being shot down over the Americas, I stumbled at breakfast upon the secret behind the design of the enemy Cylon raider ships in Battlestar Galactica …

It must be some weird kind of cloaking device?


Raiders from the Croissant Nebula, no doubt?

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Celebrating Battlestar Galactica reboot being available on BBC Iplayer again


H.G. Wells, statuesque in Woking …

Following on from the 54mm Little Wars Revisited Games Day in Woking two weekends ago. Crossposted from my Man Of TIN Two blog,


Packing for Woking 54mm Games Day 2023

Packing my snowball teams of Lemax snowballer 54mm figures (including two mystery teams not made by Lemax) and Christmas village snow terrain ready for the Woking 54mm Games Day this Saturday March 4th 2023.

March 4th is also celebrated by some around the world as Toy Soldier Day … and Marching Band Day!



Simplified rules and variations to playtest at Woking:



I am looking forward to finally taking part in this unusual event – a 54mm toy soldier Games Day, organised by Mike Lewis.

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B.P.S. Blog Post Script

It’s only taken me three or more years to get to Woking, as you can see from my March 2020 post written on the edge of the Pandemic disruption: