H.G. Wells, Little Wars, Floor Games, Toy Theatres and Magic Cities

A page devoted to my occasional blog posts about H.G. Wells, the men and women around him who helped shape his toy soldier books Floor Games 1911 and Little Wars 1913, as well as Edith Nesbit’s Wings and The Child or the Building of Magic Cities 1913.

H.G. Wells

Little Wars – Scholarly Editing text, 2017 (Deanna Stover and Nigel Lepianka)


Archive or Project Gutenberg sources of Little Wars and Floor Games



The Invisible Men and Women behind Floor Games and Little Wars?

More about the friends, the illustrator and publisher and the Wells household behind Floor Games and Little Wars –


Who were a “certain Mr M. and his brother Captain M, hot from the Great War in South Africa?” Charles and Captain Walter S. Masterman from the remarkable Masterman family:


Three more players of Little Wars or The Floor Game identified – thanks to Mathilde Meyer, the family’s Swiss Governess who wrote her memoir H.G. Wells and his Family (1955) – Mr M. or Charles Masterman, Harold Hobson and E.S.P. Haynes

And also Mr W., the socialist writer Graham Wallas and Wells’ invalid friend who died – George Gissing



Mr J.K.J – Jerome K. Jerome, Little Wars and his experiences in the Great War as a French ambulance driver https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2021/02/07/a-broken-man-jerome-k-jerome-the-war-game-little-wars-and-his-service-in-the-great-war/

R. Thurston Hopkins – writer and an accidental witness to the publishing deal for Little Wars:


Mathilde Meyer’s description of the Floor Game as played by Wells’ two sons:


Two (or three?) more distinguished players of Little Wars or the Floor Game as it is known in Mathilde Meyer’s fascinating memoir – Reginald Turner, Hugh Cranmer Byng and Captain Launcelot Cranmer Byng, November 1913: https://manoftinblog.wordpress.com/2021/02/26/two-more-players-of-little-wars-november-9th-1912/

Floor Games by H.G. Wells – but who was behind the dread broom and floor washing?

Jessie Allen Brooks, one of Wells’ loyal domestic servants and the other women of the Wells’ Household:


The useful 1911 Census entry of H.G. Wells’ family and their servants

Peter Dennis’ wonderful illustration to Little Wars (2019/ 2020) Paperboys



Peter Dennis’ wonderful paper soldiers and civilians in 54mm on my temporary Little Wars Railway


The Little Wars Revisited 54mm gaming forum run by Mike Lewis – Little Wars section


Some of my toy soldiers in an excellent Toy Theatre or Paper Theatre

Many early wargamers and writers also had a passion for the Toy Theatre including early wargamer Robert Louis Stevenson


H.G. Wells’ friends and their toy soldier worlds

G. K. Chesterton – The Napoleon of Notting Hill – and his brother Cecil



An early version of Floor Games? H.G. Wells and his The New Machiavelli (1911)


E. Nesbit

E. Nesbit (Edith Nesbit) and her works,

including her ‘Wings and the Child or the Building of Magic Cities’ (1913)



E. Nesbit on toy soldiers and the Magic of Block Cities


Ents, Tolkein and E. Nesbit


The Town in The Library 1901 short story and Toy Soldiers


A Magic City for the Poor Children by E. Nesbit


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